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  1. cutman1000

    2020 Summer Olympics

    USA! USA! Great job by our athletes.
  2. cutman1000

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    What SAS said was so stupid because so many baseball stars speak Spanish as their first language and require a translator for English interviews. The take home message is SAS is an idiot blowhard who has always been an idiot blowhard and will always be an idiot blowhard. F him.
  3. cutman1000

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    I’m not sure if Denver is a good fit for Fields with him having epilepsy. I think high altitude makes epileptics more likely to have seizures.
  4. cutman1000

    Celebrating What Is

    The Jets loss bothers me the most (besides 2007). I don’t think I’ve ever told this story, so here goes. I was in NYC at the time with my girlfriend from New Zealand. We had just graduated from vet school and were enjoying time together before she started an internship and I started a new job...
  5. cutman1000

    Alert for power outage

    These are great suggestions. Thank you all. A little more detail on my situation: My vet clinic has 3 phase power - A, B, and C. For whatever reason (power company has been notified), the B phase goes out some times. Our big fridge is not usually affected, but our vaccine fridge goes out if B...
  6. cutman1000

    Alert for power outage

    That was where my googling lead me. It was too complicated for a dummy like me to figure out, but thanks for the suggestion.
  7. cutman1000

    Alert for power outage

    Th This looks perfect! Thank you.
  8. cutman1000

    Alert for power outage

    Good morning, SoSH tech geniuses. I need some help - we have had power outages at work that put thousands of dollars worth of medicine and vaccines at risk of spoiling. They must remain refrigerated. Is there some type of contraption out there that can alert me to when the power goes out...
  9. cutman1000

    Brett Gardner gets Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan

    He is. I know his brother and we discussed this last week. The woman is a complete psycho and has put the family through hell. She even calls his parents.
  10. cutman1000

    Can’t set up Netgear wifi extender

    No luck. I’m throwing this piece of shit away. I need it for my Ring doorbell to work, but I can get a Ring Chime for $49 and I bet it effing works like it’s supposed to.
  11. cutman1000

    Can’t set up Netgear wifi extender

    I tried that at the beginning but not since attempting WPS. Will try that this morning. Thanks.
  12. cutman1000

    Can’t set up Netgear wifi extender

    Hello everyone. I got a Netgear wifi Extender - model number WN3000RP so that my doorbell cam could access my wifi router (Comcast). Of course the simple installation process didn’t work using the WPS buttons on the extender and the modem/router, so I attempted to set it up manually. However, I...
  13. cutman1000

    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    When paying part of a traded player’s contract, how exactly is that counted towards the luxury tax? Is it counted at the time of the trade or when the money is actually paid? My reason for asking is this hypothetical scenario: if the Sox trade David Price this year and contribute $0 in 2020...
  14. cutman1000

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Hello, experts. I'm looking for a 40ish" television for a bright room with lots of windows. I will hook a Roku up to it and probably an AppleTV, but it won't be our primary television. Our primary TV is a high end Panasonic plasma that I will keep as long as possible. Any Black Friday deals...
  15. cutman1000

    Gronk announces his retirement

    God damn I’m going to miss watching him play, but this is such a smart decision by him. Hopefully his body can recovered from what it has endured. Pretty amazing that Gronk will go into the Hall of Fame before Tom Brady.
  16. cutman1000

    Spam email or real?

    Thank you. I thought it was a scam, but he was prepared to call the police. Y’all have calmed him down.
  17. cutman1000

    Spam email or real?

    I have friends from New Zealand staying with me, and one of them just received the following email (from his own email address): ********************* Hello! My nickname in darknet is ramon96. I hacked this mailbox more than six months ago, through it I infected your operating system with a...
  18. cutman1000

    Rebirth of a Sale, man

    Any type of stomach ailment that makes you dehydrated. I spent a night in the ER once after food poisoning.