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  1. jcaz

    2021-2022 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    JA - this site says that Stanton's contract is 6/159, with a 7th year team option at $15M. Is this not correct? Those values are for his age 32-37 seasons. That feels like a lot for a player has already missed 2.5 years. I don't think the Yankees have a payroll problem, but a torrid two...
  2. jcaz

    10/5 - Introducing … THE WILD CARD GAME

    How is it that Bogaerts can come around to score on Verdugo's double, but Judge gets thrown out (relatively) easily at home? There was 1 out in each case, but neither Bogaerts nor Judge had to hold to see if the ball would be caught. Both relays to the cut off men were one-hoppers. Is...
  3. jcaz

    2021 Golf Thread

    My index is 14.2. I've broken 80 once in my life. Played yesterday with howling winds and shot 41 on the front. Opened poorly on the back, +3 after 2 holes. Hit the 12th green in regulation, ran the first putt by 12', but made the comebacker. Made back-to-back birdies on 13 and 14, bogey at...
  4. jcaz

    September MLB Thread

    The Phillies phall behind 7-0 after 3. Concerned? Nope. Outscore the Cubbies 15-1 over the next 4 innings and now lead 15-8 with nobody out in the bottom of the 7th.
  5. jcaz

    2021 PGA Tour

    Love it. Awesome playoff and putt by Cantlay. No love lost between these two guys. It seems the list of players who have no use for DeChambeau is getting longer.
  6. jcaz

    2021 PGA Tour

    Bryson asking Cantlay to stop walking. Classy as ever. And Cantlay drops a 25 footer for birdie to tie.
  7. jcaz

    8/29, 1 pm - vs. Cleveland

    The Red Sox certainly didn't play well over those 40 games, but I think it's fair to admit that the Rays and Yankees also deserve some credit - both played ~.750 ball in the same time period. My optimistic take is that the Red Sox are starting to right the ship and the Rays and Yanks can't...
  8. jcaz

    8/29, 1 pm - vs. Cleveland

    For all the drama and consternation around this team, the Sox have now recovered to being .500 since the All Star Break. Obviously not fantastic, but not the end of the world. Win today and get ready to do the same against the Rays.
  9. jcaz

    Gold in the hole - Olympic golf

    That final found was one of the best sporting events I've watched in some time. After Nelly chunked the same chip twice and made double, she had to be pretty out of sorts. Then she makes three straight birdies to open up another three shot lead, only for it to evaporate again, when someone not...
  10. jcaz

    Team USA Basketball 2021

    For someone who is completely disconnected from the NBA / college game, how near was this US team to the "best" team that could have been put together? Obvious (to me) was that Lebron and Steph Curry were not on the team. Asked another way, had the Americans not won gold could there have been...
  11. jcaz

    Sputtering NY July game thread

    Have to give Kriske credit for how he handled the media after the game. Hard to imagine pitching the way he did, dealing with that loss, then having to come and talk about it. Showed a lot of composure.
  12. jcaz

    The Eurocup QF Thread: Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Vaarwel, Adeus, and...Goodbye to Croatia

    This is unwatchable and I’m an Italy supporter. The Belgians are owed about 8 more minutes.
  13. jcaz

    June Game Thread

    Scherzer was dealing against the Phillies when Girardi asks the umps to check him for sticky substances in the middle of the fourth, after a strikeout. It's apparently the third time that Scherzer was checked in the game. Scherzer drops his hat, glove and untucks his shirt, inviting the...
  14. jcaz

    2021 Golf Thread

    Thanks, all. I think I’m in on the nx9, given the slope adjustments and recommendations here.
  15. jcaz

    2021 Golf Thread

    Sorry if this was covered elsewhere in this thread - I admit to scanning the first few pages and not seeing anything about range finders. I just joined a club with lots of elevation changes, and really big greens. I'm in the market for a range finder that has the slope functionality. A quick...
  16. jcaz

    Bruins Offseason Thread

    My observation on Tuukka was that throughout the playoffs he was staying farther and farther back in his net, and his lateral movement was really poor. I don't know that I can point to any individual goal and say that his injury precluded him from making the save. But, I do think it's on...
  17. jcaz

    How often do you visit has one set of stats that I haven't been able to find elsewhere - hole scoring averages for pga tour events. That's the only thing that brings me to the site, and typically only during the majors. I also don't watch the NBA, which seems to me to be the primary product espn is trying...
  18. jcaz

    2021 PGA Championship- Kiawah Ocean Course

    Rahm, Streelman, Fowler, Oosthuizen all waiting for Phil. That was cool. Now he’s got 5 More chances to win the US Open.
  19. jcaz

    2021 PGA Championship- Kiawah Ocean Course

    Anyone see what happened to Rory on 11? Second shot on the par 5 ended 42 yards from the hole in the left intermediate. Somehow, his third ended 31 yards from the hole in a waste bunker that was orthogonal to the line Rory would have been taking to the hole. Here's the shot tracker image.
  20. jcaz

    Every Which Way but (our) East - The Rest of the First Round

    Leafs fighting Perry is totally bush league. There was absolutely zero intent - 100% accidental.