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  1. Murby

    Umpires & the Angel Hernandez lawsuit

    This lawsuit has taken twists and turns, but the latest ones are garnering the most interest. It seems MLB may get access to personnel/evaluation records from the union on how they perceived Hernandez. If it shows that even they think he stinks... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ where's the case...
  2. Murby

    New Site = New App?

    I have been using the app on my iPhoneXS Max. I have been stupidly hoping for a new version of the app to fit the screen, should I abandon all hope and remove the app? I am tired of missing the spacebar with my fingers. Ha.
  3. Murby

    Bruins sign Paul Postma

    According to Bob McKenzie: Defenceman Paul Postma going to BOS. One year, $725K
  4. Murby

    Pastrnak been recalled (again)

    According to Fluto, he's been recalled and will travel with team to Pitt. Hmmmm....move/trade coming?
  5. Murby

    Kuroda Goes Home

    Kurdoda going back to Japan after a 7 year MLB career.
  6. Murby

    Sox to re-sign Breslow   One year deal at $2 million.