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    Pats release Cam Newton

    I completely agreed with this then I researched Chris Simms QB Pre Draft Rankings. In 2017 he had Maholmes over Watson and called him a generational talent. 2018 Lamar Jackson Josh Allen Baker Mayfield Sam Darnold Josh Rosen 2019 Kyler Murray Drew Lock Dwayne Haskins Ryan Finley Jarrett...
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    Sony Michel to Rams

    This move is all about Stevenson. He didn't need the redshirt year like White and Harris. He even looks to be the best back they have.
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    The Fearsome 5 or the Feeble 5? - The Rookie QB's

    I think if Bill loved Fields he would of topped the Bears offer of a 1st and a 4th in 2022. It certainly wasn't a huge haul. Lombardi while not perfect with his predictions was saying for a month the Pats were not going to take Fields. Lazar also said BB wasn't in on Fields, but he said that...
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    The Fearsome 5 or the Feeble 5? - The Rookie QB's

    I know it's only been one preseason game and 3 weeks of training camp but it's become obvious that BB had Jones above Fields and probably wouldn't of drafted Fields even if he had fell to 15. Mac is the perfect QB for this team/system. Whether BB turns out to be right is a different story.
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    Pats Preseason: Offense Edition

    There is not a shot in hell Michel gets cut. By all accounts he's looked like the most explosive RB in camp.
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    Pats Preseason: Special Teams Edition

    Nordin making a real push for a roster spot 10 of 10 tonight with a 57 yarder.
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    Pats Preseason: Catch-All Thread

    I can see someone saying Barth sounds like weei caller, it comes down to Lazar. He's the best patriots follow besides Reiss
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    Pats Preseason: Catch-All Thread

    The only two reporters I trust to play it down the middle are Barth and Lazar. Everyone else is clickbait.
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    Grade the Pats Draft: How Did BB/Nike Do?

    Nick Saban BB Sean Peyton all loved Mac I have no doubt he will be a good enough QB where In a couple years will be happy with the pick. The draft grade to me starts and ends with Barmore he has legitimate potential to be a absolute monster. The only pick I hated was Perkins, I wish they...
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    I remember in the Saban/BB doc they talked extensively of how BB went to Saban about how his players would translate in the NFL At this point let people and the pundits bitch Clearly the best 2 couches in football signed off on this. Will see. Don't quote me on this but I think Saban said BB...
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    AFCCG: Pats at Chiefs Buildup

    I'm as negative as they come but a few positives since the last game. 1. No hunt who kills the Pats 2. Emergence of JC Jackson as a solid #2. Secondary has really come to it's own since he got a starting spot. 3.Rush defense seems better past 3 weeks. Who knows if its quality of opponents/home...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Week 4 vs Miami

    What the hell was Miami doing. Who was covering the RB's all game? Phenomenal game
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    Patriots Acquire WR Josh Gordon

    My wife and father don't understand, I dont blame people for failing to grasp the horrors of addiction. Hell I don't even understand it, how I woke up in the morning and risked everything day in and day out. It's pure mania the only thing you think about is drugs and your next high theres no...
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    Patriots Acquire WR Josh Gordon

    With all the attention the opioid crisis is bringing on drug makers doctors, marijuana in 10 years will be one of the most prescribed drugs for pain. I cant imagine how often these NFL docs hand out pain meds, it's honestly shocking we havent heard more about current players having opioid...
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    Patriots Acquire WR Josh Gordon

    As a recovering addict with much of the similar issues, fear based drug use last chance at work I have been flip flopping on how the situation may play out. He has no idea what hes in for, god knows what Cleveland let him get away with when he had his 1600 yard season. He's going to a highly...
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    SBLII: What Did the Butler Do?

    Yes because the alternative is a player who played 90% of the team's snaps through 18 weeks played one snap on special teams because of performance. Not only did he not start he wasn't even the 3 CB. The player taking his spot was lucky to be active most weeks. Butler being late screwing up is...
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    SBLII: What Did the Butler Do?

    His head clearly wasn't in it all year with the dip in his play. They should of dealt him to NO when they had the chance.
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    SBLII: What Did the Butler Do?

    I need to read more post about Grady little and Belichick legacy destroyed. Wish jon jones was healthy so they could of kept him inactive
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    SBLII: What Did the Butler Do?

    Board has been unreadable today. All the Belichick hate is laughable. Fuck Malcolm Butler. He Didn't get his contract had his feelings hurt and proceeded to have a shit season. He wasn't half the player he was last year. Then he pulls a stunt the week of the superbowl.