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  1. Danny_Darwin

    2021 NLCS: Braves vs. Dodgers

    Sure on the bad division, but AA, who I’ve long thought is one of if not the best GM in baseball, deserves a lot of credit here. At the deadline, the Braves were five games out (with two teams ahead of them) and had just lost their best player. How many front offices would have packed it in and...
  2. Danny_Darwin

    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    I don’t think it’s really wise to evaluate any of those deals based on 2021 alone. Certainly the respective teams would do the Scherzer, Kershaw, and Verlander deals again, though, and probably deGrom also. EDIT: or what @scottyno said
  3. Danny_Darwin

    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    I’m inclined to agree with this. And, at least with regards to position players, I think it’s at the very least defensible. The offense wasn’t really the problem for this team ( I’m generally not one to read much into October, fwiw), although some small-ish depth moves might make sense. And...
  4. Danny_Darwin

    Francisco and the Five Pricy Shortstops

    It’s also plausible that a team like Seattle could sign one of these guys to play 3B. Aren’t at least Seager and Correa expected to make that move at some point anyway?
  5. Danny_Darwin

    Is Alex Cora...

    I never said he was innocent, but I do think that he and Beltran were falsely made out to be the only ones involved. And, for what it’s worth, he has said so himself: Decide for yourselves.
  6. Danny_Darwin

    2021 NLDS 101: Giants v. Dodgers Game Thread

    Jeez, the tone of the discussion around the check-swing call led me to believe that this happened on a 3-2 count with the bases loaded and Scherzer on the ropes or something much more dramatic. I get that it’s not ideal for a game (season!) to end on a judgment call, but that is not the reason...
  7. Danny_Darwin

    Is Alex Cora...

    From the start, I’ve believed that Cora and Beltran were a-little-too-conveniently scapegoated (as two guys who didn’t work there anymore) for The Banging Scheme. That might be my bias talking, though, which I will own.
  8. Danny_Darwin

    Hold 'em or fold 'em - A Mookie free zone.

    EDIT: nm, misread the premise
  9. Danny_Darwin

    Mookie redux

    Thank you for this. At this point, both teams have moved on. We would be wise to do the same.
  10. Danny_Darwin

    Is the 3,000 hit club over?

    I mean, how many people would have pegged Adrian Beltre as a future member of the 3,000-hit club at the end of his time in Seattle, even though he had 1700 hits at age 31? You never know. On the flip side, CC Sabathis had 176 wins at age 31 and I would have bet money on him reaching 300. So...
  11. Danny_Darwin

    Poll: Pick your preferred post-season path to posterity. Pain or Pleasure?

    I think it’s too late, but I vote White Sox because I hate the Astros and want to see them flushed down the toilet. I don’t like the Giants either because of the “even-year” dynasty, so I guess anyone but them?
  12. Danny_Darwin

    2021 NLDS 101: Giants v. Dodgers Game Thread

    I would argue Posey and Bryant fit the Ortiz and Pedroia roles pretty well. The former is a future HoFer having a resurgence and the latter is a former MVP/perennial All-Star still in his relative prime. On the other hand, there are a bunch of Giants whom I, a guy who follows baseball, had never...
  13. Danny_Darwin

    2021 ALDS, CHW VS HOU

    Imagine being on the ‘03 Rangers
  14. Danny_Darwin

    2021 ALDS, CHW VS HOU

    Also I have been pronouncing Luis Robert’s last name the French way in my head this whole time, is that incorrect?
  15. Danny_Darwin

    2021 ALDS, CHW VS HOU

    This is where I’m at. I also think - dare I say - TLR deserves some credit for keeping the White Sox in first while Jimenez, Robert, and Grandal were out. On the other hand, I actually do like Baker. Every manager who was managing in 2003 would have treated Prior and Wood the same way with...
  16. Danny_Darwin

    2021 ALDS, CHW VS HOU

    Who is less likable: The Astros or TLR? Discuss.
  17. Danny_Darwin

    2021 NL Wild Card Cardinals @ Dodgers Game Thread

    I hate the Cardinals a lot for a lot of reasons, but this story (widely assumed to be about the Cards and Adam Wainwright in particular) is genuinely charming. And I guess I can see being happy for Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt. Am I talking myself into this?
  18. Danny_Darwin

    2021-2022 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    I’m an outsider here but it seems to me the legitimate knock against Cashman is that he’s held on to a few players a little long. It’s not like he hasn’t made trades, but I know just from perusing this forum there has been talk of dealing guys like Frazier and Andujar going back three or four...
  19. Danny_Darwin

    '21 post-season series predictions

    I don’t think I went public with it, but before the season, I picked the Atlanta Braves to win the World Series, so I’ll stick with them even though they look like the weakest team of the ten on paper. Sorry in advance, Braves fans.
  20. Danny_Darwin

    October Regular Season Game Thread

    Spare a thought for Kyle Seager, who is arguably the best current MLBer without a postseason appearance on his resume (it's him or JT Realmuto, depending on how you want to define "best"). He's pretty likely to leave Seattle, too.