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  1. cournoyer

    Grade the Red Sox trade deadline

    Where do you stand? I went C. I like Schwarber but in my eyes that true first baseman just felt crucial! I know where they came from (an absolute insane market today) but felt like Chaim left something on the table.
  2. cournoyer

    How did you discover SoSH?

    It's something that I've frequently wondered, as I'm sure everyone has a unique story and I'd be curious to hear what people say. For me, it was referenced in the Stewart O'Nan and Stephen King's book about the 2004 sox team, Faithful. Once I found it, I was hooked. I pretty much just lurked...
  3. cournoyer

    App Issue on Android

    I've been having some issues with the SoSH app on the Play Store. It has trouble updating and loading posts to the home screen/timeline, and after awhile an error message appears on the page saying it can't load the data. It's been an issue for me all summer, and I've just been deleting and...