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    Mookie redux

    Mookie looked overmatched against Matzek last night, striking out on three straight pitches. But there's a parallel universe where his swing on that third pitch drives the ball and ties the game, or even goes over the fence for the lead, and he's the hero of the Dodgers comeback. I don't think...
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    Thank you 2021 Red Sox

    A team that could be great and a team that could be less than great, as they showed us in the two halves of the season, and then showed us again in the two halves of the ALCS. But they kept it interesting and exciting all year long. After putting this together in a rebuilding year, I am excited...
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    At This Point in the Season, What Would You Consider a Success?

    This season gave me a lot more joy than I expected it would. Like, a lot a lot. It was a success.
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    10/19 - ALCS Game 4

    Had it all the way?
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    Thank you Jesus.
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    Love the Yankees suck chants. We don't even care about the Astros enough to taunt them.
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    I feel the same. They've been so dominant it feels like they should have won them all.
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    Just completely took them apart. Water!
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    Sox just so dominant. Trying to keep my expectations in check for the next few games because right now it's hard to imagine them losing.
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    Never not relevant.
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    With every game I raise my expectations of this team and then with the next game they exceed them.
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    Oh I get it, he just walked him to set up the double play
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    Astros experiencing JD Minor, the saddest of all keys
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    Mrs. Robinson
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    Sox-related Intergenerational Trauma

    I agree with this. Kids learn all the time that things in the world used to be worse, and have gotten better, in one way or another. They don't lose sleep over old traumas. The pre-2004 Sox must at this point just seem like the set-up in the early chapters of the story, the drama before the big...
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    Sox Extend Barnes; 2 years, $18.75 M

    I could have sworn I read somewhere years later that Crawford admitted the injury came from a bar fight, and it has made me suspicious of every funny-sounding player injury ever since. However, I've been googling and can't find any documentation corroborating my memory. Maybe someone remembers...
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    10/16 - ALCS Game 2

    Guys, I'm feeling good about this game.
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    10/15 - ALCS vs Houston. Game 1.

    Kiké sold his soul to the devil and I am okay with that.
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    10/15 - ALCS vs Houston. Game 1.

    I remember being kind of meh when we signed Kiké. Had no idea.
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    Is Alex Cora...

    This amazed me and I had to verify it for myself, and indeed: Ross, Roberts, Kapler, Cora, Baldelli, Cash and Woodward. First of all, I somehow didn't remember that Chris Woodward existed, much less played for the Red Sox in 2009 (1 hit in 16 plate appearances!). Second, I think it says...