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  1. Max Venerable

    RIP Tony Fernandez

    Man, Tony was my favorite player growing up. When I played pitch and hit baseball in my friend's dead end as a kid, he was the Red Sox and I was the Blue Jays. Tony Fe always batted first. Great player, sad to hear he's gone.
  2. Max Venerable

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    Would it make sense for Boston to just take Maeda and absorb less of Price’s contract? Seems like they could use him.
  3. Max Venerable

    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    Calculated Cora genius: he knows Kimbrel is off again and purposely burned him out with a 5 run cushion so he had an excuse not to use him in a typical save situation tomorrow. Anyway, it’s a theory.
  4. Max Venerable

    World Series poll

    So only 8 out of 200ish respondants so far are picking LA to win this. Meanwhile, I think most official odds I've seen are more like 60/40 on this one... Granted this is a Red Sox message board, but still seems like a bit of overconfidence.
  5. Max Venerable

    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    Last night was frightening, but I kept telling myself that if anyone's going to have control issues for two straight innings, I'd like it to be Kimbrel. So long as he doesn't walk the world (and granted he almost did), his stuff and velocity were good enough that no one took him yard and he did...
  6. Max Venerable

    ALCS Game 5 Pitching Predictions

    I am curious people's thoughts on the low usage of Eduardo Rodriguez this post season. He's only pitched 3+ innings, and while not very good in those 3, it seems strange to me that he's neither getting a spot start, nor pitching significant relief innings given that there's such a glaring need...
  7. Max Venerable

    2018 Baseball Card Thread

    Man loved looking through those card designs up thread. Interesting to see slow shifts in design sense, then sudden head scratcher decisions like 1987 and 1969. My favorite is 1986 — not sure if that’s nostalgia or what, those cards look amazing to me
  8. Max Venerable

    2017-18 NBA Regular Season Game/Observation Thread

    Seems like the right place to put this: Airplane carrying NBA players collides with UFO
  9. Max Venerable

    The Plan For the #1, er, #3 Overall Pick?

    I'm fine with this move personally. For me, the real reason to do it is that the 2018 draft class looks like a better fit for the Celtics than this one. Getting a shot at Ayton, Bamba to help in the front would be huge for this team. Getting two shots at those players ( if both the...
  10. Max Venerable

    Who's on Third? I don't know

    As long as the Sox are playing decently, I think a little more rope for Rutelege is their primary option. However, Pawtucket 3B Matt Dominguez should be worth a look, at least. He hit .269 with 18 HR in 475 AAA at bats last year for Buffalo (Jays), and walked 67 times to just 70 Ks. In 2013...
  11. Max Venerable

    On a scale of Dante Bichette to David Ortiz...

    He's been kinda disappointing so far, and hasn't seemed like he's having much fun. All that could change, but right now I'm giving him a 5.
  12. Max Venerable

    2017 Jimmy G: The Dilemma

    Is it really that unlikely that Brady starts one more year, then they trade him and go with Garoppolo? In terms of passing the baton, which has to happen eventually, getting out in front of things like that sure seems smart to me...
  13. Max Venerable

    ALDS: Indians vs Red Sox

    I don't run him there. I do wonder if Hernandez could have run in from 3B on the bounced curve in the 8th. Obviously not the type of decision you can make based on percentages, but I wonder if he would have made it... looked like it bounced 10 feet away, given a good lead could he have beat...
  14. Max Venerable

    How Good Are The Sox Now?

    Certainly seems like a good game to dip into the deep September pen... Price had nothing. Was Farrell trying to see if he could stretch to get him his 18th W after they tied it up? I remain a fan of the quick hook.
  15. Max Venerable

    The AL MVP Race

    I dont think that the MVP has often corrolated perfectly to rate stats, and even less to sabermetrics. I would personally have no problem voting for Papi despite understanding that Trout (or several other fielding hitters) top his impact toward wins. I think the idea of the MVP is to honor the...
  16. Max Venerable


    Curious who the best prospects dealt were? Anyone have a take on that? I don't know prospects well enough to sort them out.
  17. Max Venerable

    How Good Are The Sox Now?

    As a pretty regular spectator this year, I've found myself getting more aggrieved at Farrel as the season goes on. Obviously the Sox have had some performance issues and injuries in the staff that have made things more difficult, but it seems to me like they have been in position to win in...
  18. Max Venerable

    Michael Kopech, RHP: 2014 MLB Draft 33th Overall

    from the above article: "Kopech missed the first half of the season because he broke his hand in a fight with a teammate..." Gotta be a good story in there
  19. Max Venerable

    Pitching Targets

    Honestly starting to hope the Sox sign a Frontier League guy or something. The Morgan Burkhart of pitchers would be perfect right now. Shit, even pitching Morgan Burkhart himself might be better than what we've got.
  20. Max Venerable

    Pitching Targets

    Hellickson's 107 ERA+ is 44 points better than the average ERA+ of our defacto #4-7 starters at the moment (Clay, SOS, Kelly, E-Rod). Those guys have averaged a 63. For those wanting to get that kind of improvement against our #3, who I'm going to call Porcello because I believe that Price is...