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  1. RoDaddy

    Trade deadline

    It’s getting close - July 30 I believe - so I thought it might be interesting to start a thread on this. Straight off, we need help at 1B and Rizzo might be available – and maybe Kimbrel too so a trade with the Cubs might be worth considering. Rizzo’s struggled some the last few years but is...
  2. RoDaddy

    Minor league thread 2021

    Don’t see another thread on this so I thought I’d start one if that works as it looks like the minor league regular season will finally start a week from today (May 4). We used to have pretty heavy traffic on these threads/posts in the Minor league forum but it’s been pretty quiet over there in...
  3. RoDaddy

    Bard is back! (on the Rockies, not the Red Sox)

    This is a great developing story: I thought he was totally out of baseball. At his best, he was so great for us, and threw some of the nastiest pitchers I've ever seen back when 98 with movement...
  4. RoDaddy

    AFL 2019

    Six Sox prospects named to play for Peoria this year: Mata, Duran, Houck, Chatham, Marcus Wilson and Yoan Aybar. We pretty much know about the other guys but Aybar and his golden left arm will be interesting to follow. Games start Sept 18
  5. RoDaddy

    AFL roundup

    I don’t see a thread anywhere on this – maybe some of it’s integrated in the main board discussions – but the season just ended. Unfortunately, Chavis (and Stankiewicz) were out with injury, but 6 other Sox prospects did play: Mike Shawaryn, Josh Ockimey, Josh Taylor, Bobby Dalbec, Esteban...
  6. RoDaddy

    Most impressive regular season series in Sox history?

    Since the Sox are already off to a historic (team record) start, I’m wondering if they just set another franchise high point for the most impressive regular season series ever - a combined 27-3 three game thrashing of the Angels? Of course, there’s been more meaningful series wins (such as down...
  7. RoDaddy

    Intervention time?

    It’s been a full week since the greatest comeback ever, and I STILL can’t get enough post-victory euphoria! I’m now watching yet another video related to the game – this one called “Tom Brady Five Rings” – posted in the “SB LI: Audio/Video/Pics Thread”, which you’ve all probably watched as...
  8. RoDaddy

    Garin Cecchini - Back on track?

    Cecchini back on track? It's a small sample but he's 11 for his last 19. I still hold out some hope that he's our first base solution in Boston, although even if he is back on track, he needs to show some power Moncada 0-5 with 4 SO's while the rest of Greenville had 22 hits - ugh
  9. RoDaddy

    PawSox are stacked!

    Now that the final cuts are in from the big club, the PawSox roster has taken shape.  Hope I'm not omitting anyone, but as best I can tell, we've got bona fide quality prospects at every position plus all starting pitchers.  Has this ever happened before?!  This is on top of the Moncada signing...
  10. RoDaddy

    Warning: Illegal string offset

    I've been getting a page filled with multiple copies of this message for several months now when switching from one SOSH thread to another. It usually displays for 10 seconds or so and then disappears to the correct target page. On occassion, it does not resolve, such as tonight when I tried...
  11. RoDaddy

    This is working out perfect

    Lester and Koji on a roll heading into the trade deadline.  So we'll get the max for them.  And we just won another championship and are taking a year off to reload with all the young talent.  IMO that's working out perfect too
  12. RoDaddy

    Shortstop moving forward v. 2014

    Deven Marrero was promoted today. He’s right at the top of the list for this year’s most pleasant surprise minor leaguer, excelling in AA ball after a mediocre High A ball season last year (if anything, it’s usually the other way around). However, his improving stock as a potential starting big...
  13. RoDaddy

    Cecchini: For the Love of OBP

      Well, the BA and OBP continue to be very good, but his total lack of power (including previous years) is concerning.  He's got 2 doubles and the rest singles in 50 ABs and a pretty weak ass OPS. I hope this guy undergoes a Youkilis power transformation at some point because otherwise, I just...