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  1. IHateDaveKerpen

    Makin' Whoopie or: Adventures in Minor League Baseball Promotions

    @PortlandSeaDogs - Sea Dogs to become the Maine Whoopie Pies on June 21st. It's not Montgomery Biscuits good, but it's still pretty good.
  2. IHateDaveKerpen

    NBC Sports: MLB considering expansion, radical realignment...

    This article went live six hours ago. There's quite a bit to digest in here... The league looks to be expanding to 32 teams. Portland and Montreal appear to be the favorites for new franchises. The American and National leagues will be done away with entirely and replaced by four, eight-team...
  3. IHateDaveKerpen

    Victory Journal's "The Best Last Plane Ride Ever"

    Not sure if this is the best place to share this, but whatever - Victory Journal recently uploaded The Best Last Best Plane Ride Ever - an animated look at the 1986 Mets. The short was directed by James Blagden, the same guy who did the excellent Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No. EDIT: Title of the...
  4. IHateDaveKerpen

    WHDH going independent in 2017

    How will this development affect sportscasting in the Boston market? Will NBC's new affiliate attempt to lure Joe Amorosino away from WHDH? I'm honestly pretty unfamiliar with his work - he was on TV when I last lived in Boston, but I can't recall much about him at all. I'm curious as to how...
  5. IHateDaveKerpen

    Patrick O'Sullivan for the Player's Tribune

    I thought O'Sullivan's article about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father was worth a share. I didn't play hockey growing up, but I heard loads of stories about awful hockey parents from my friends who did. For whatever reason, they sound like they're in their own league when it...
  6. IHateDaveKerpen

    Ernie Banks Dead at 83...

    Sad news.
  7. IHateDaveKerpen

    Kevin Youkilis retires...

    Link here.   Sad to see the sweaty bastard hang 'em up.
  8. IHateDaveKerpen

    A Warning Track for the Rink?

    Thoughts?   It seems like a great idea, but I think the game might be too fast for such an addition to make a big difference.  It can't hurt, though.
  9. IHateDaveKerpen

    Coaching tennis at the high school level

    I've got an interview coming up at a really great school.  I'm a Social Studies teacher in Texas, which means I pretty much HAVE to coach.  Though I'd feel more comfortable coaching cross country/track, swimming or soccer, it looks like I'll be interviewing for an assistant coach position for...
  10. IHateDaveKerpen

    Sad Rich Hill news

    Some sad news involving Hill and his family.   Nothing much I can add to that.  I can't fathom the pain he's likely feeling.
  11. IHateDaveKerpen

    Sox sign Shunsuke Watanabe to minor league deal...

    Per Osaki Makkura's Twitter feed: 37 year old former #chibalotte submariner Shunsuke Watanabe will sign a minor league contract with #RedSox.   A submariner.  Interesting.   Edit: Oh yeah.  I remember this guy from the WBC.  Duh.