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  1. rembrat

    Farrell's new bench coach is...

    ... well? Is Farrell allowed to select his next guy or does the FO get an heir apparent type in there like when Torre had Girardi thrust upon him?
  2. rembrat

    John Farrell & Dave Dombrowski Press Conference (10/11/16)

    NESN Link here: Youtube: I thought we could game thread it in here.
  3. rembrat

    Blu-Ray Player

    I'd like to purchase a fairly high end Blu-Ray Player with streaming capabilities and my budget is $150-200. I know nothing about the market so I ask you SoSH to point me in the right direction. My TV has 1080p capabilities.
  4. rembrat

    January NHL Game Thread

    Just caught the 3rd period and OT of the Ottawa v St. Louis game. Boy was that a fun finish.
  5. rembrat

    Order Fulfillment and Inventory Manager Software

    Anyone have experience with this software? Doing research and I don't know what's considered the "gold standard" in the industry.
  6. rembrat

    Thank You, Jonny Gomes   Goodnight, sweet prince.
  7. rembrat

    Have We Seen The Last of Daniel Nava?

    Go with your gut.
  8. rembrat

    GIDP: The New Market Inefficiency

    The Sox just finished killing another potential scoring opportunity by hitting into their league leading 16th double play. Let's talk about it. Talking helps.
  9. rembrat


    The last time I asked you guys for advice it was regarding JS and PHP. Once I grasped the concepts of OOP and the specifically MVC pattern for application design things clicked with the language. I really enjoy programming in JS. However, PHP, can go screw.   Anywho, my boss wants me to look at...
  10. rembrat

    Fonts are jacked in Google Chrome (MAC)

    This has happened to me before but the problem went away by itself. The internet seems to be aware of this problem but I can't find a solution that works. What do you got SoSH?    
  11. rembrat

    SOURCES: Yankees Offered Choo 7 years/$140MM Before Moving On Beltran

    There are too many threads here that are being used as megathread. I thought this should be broken out as it's fucking awesome by itself.   The Yankees offered Choo 7/140 (WHY?!) and Boras wanted "Ellsbury money" but the Yankees decided to go with Beltran!    ...