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  1. bakahump

    Simple Iphone Question

    So I have had an Iphone for about 6 months. I basically use it for some Pod Casts, some texting (2-5 a day) and a couple calls (2-5). I play an occasional time waster. I have used IPODs before and decided I wanted to add some music to the IPhone to play in the car. I am pretty inexperienced...
  2. bakahump

    Is 100 Years long enough? The Shoeless Joe Thread.

    I recently listened to a pod cast about the Black Sox. It brought up some interesting questions in regard to Shoeless Joe Jackson. We can certainly discuss his possible involvement in the Scandal. But I guess a better question is should the MLB HOF finally allow him in? Even 100 years later...
  3. bakahump

    Assume you're a Free agent...

    The Mike Trout Money had a few coworkers and I discussing Free Agency. Assume you are offered 300 Million over 15 Years. Your 25, so young, but will be late 40 at the end of your contract. Your Married with 1 young (4yo) Child so they will grow up were ever you choose. You were born on a...
  4. bakahump

    How much of an Advantage is Experience?

    The Patriots obviously know this time of the year. Not just the players but the coaches. It occurred to me while watching the games yesterday that the Pats and BB must have a preparation plan in place for playoffs/by weeks etc. For instance would it surprise any of us that BB an the coaches...
  5. bakahump

    2019-the Cap Situation:is a "rebuild on the fly" possible

    OTC says that going into 2019 the Pats will have 21.9 Million in cap money. The can gain more by: Cutting D. Allen (+7.4) Claybourne (+4) (2 Mil dead money) Hightower (+5.375) (5 Mil dead money) (there are others like Cyrus the Virus for about 1 mil, Ebner for 2.2 mil and Slater for 2.5, Not...
  6. bakahump

    Gordons Production

    So EEI had an all day sploogefest of trying to determine "What will Josh Gordon Provide". While it was bad radio i did think it was an interesting question. Feel free to add Yardage and what you think a "Good result" would be. For instance maybe you think that 35 catches would be a good...
  7. bakahump

    Guess How many trades tonight

    So how often will Bill deal? As an aside, how many 1st round trades will there be for ALL teams? With as many questions and moving parts this could be a very fluid draft.
  8. bakahump

    Newbie Veer Question

    We are getting a new HS Coach. Looks like a long term thing. I am one of the more senior members of the Youth football Coaching/Board. The new coach looks to be bringing in the Veer (splitback). In the past we have predominantly ran an I, with occasional Pro and power variants. So in an effort...
  9. bakahump

    State Secrets- Can a Player give his team an edge against his old team

    I mentioned I was a little worried about Long and Blount despite the fact that on a weekly basis as a whole we poopoo the idea that any advantage is gained by a new team. But I am not so sure. I am not sure where to start. With so much movement it seems difficult to do this all at once...
  10. bakahump

    2018 NFL Coaching Carousel

    The Giants, Chicago, Browns, Indy(?) and TB (?) are all Probable to absolute locks at having openings. With Probably another 2 or 3 surprises (Jets, Bengals, ???). Thats as many as 8 possible landing spots for JMcd and MP. Where do you think they will go? How do you feel about them...
  11. bakahump

    Best HS Football Traditions

    I am part of a youth program. Recently the Czar of our youth (and MS) program was (finally) hired as the head coach of our HS team. Despite a lot of success at the youth/MS level our HS team has always struggled. 0 for seasons were common with total points around the 20s for the season (while...
  12. bakahump

    From Best to worst

    Whats your thoughts on the Best outcome for tonight to the worst: 1. Porzingas Trade 2. George Trade 3. Butler Trade 4. Fultz Miraculously falls to 3. 5. Ball Drafted 6. Jackson Drafted 7. Tatum Drafted 8. Isaac Drafted For instance I would say: 1,4,7,6,8,2,3,5
  13. bakahump

    Lets Talk Brissett

    A big factor in the JG situation is "whether the Patriots want to go into 2017 without a proven Backup" Many have stated that JG gives that kind of insurance while Brissett is still unproven. While there isnt alot of meat, what there is indicates to me other wise. First lets establish what we...
  14. bakahump

    Who do you Promise?

    I know that life's unsure and that either of these guys would be stupid to pass up a "good" opportunity NOW for the "promise" of the Pats HC position in @4 years. But bare with me... Assume that one of McD or Patricia is getting the promise as heir apparent. Who does BB and Kraft choose? Why...
  15. bakahump

    NBA DL

    I ask this because there are some highly informed and knowledgeable posters. The Maine Red Claws current commercial claims "the best basketball outside the NBA". Is that true? What are the opinions of the NBA DL compared to a Top 10 College team? Who would win in a 7 games series, an average...
  16. bakahump

    2017 Jimmy G: The Dilemma

    AFTER this season. While I doubt many (any?) of us would take JG over TB there is that slight possibility. Just as important is what to do when you have two "Valid" options available. Do we try for some kind of Montana/Young Favre/Rodgers scenario where we try to keep JG as the understudy...
  17. bakahump

    Coordinators (Rank them....and where does Mcd and MP rank)

    So I am asking the more informed members of this forum as well as those that closely follow other teams... How would you rank the top 5 (10? 15?) OCs and DCs. Which ones seem like desirable HC candidates. Where would McD and MP fit into the rankings? Basically discuss who you think is...
  18. bakahump

    12-3 (or how Injuries didnt matter...almost)

    Nothing we all dont know.....but thinking back about the 3 losses. 2 OT losses 1 where we gave up the PRTD, Pick 6 and Blocked Punt TD. With all these injuries... Our losses were by the skin of our teeth. IMHO more amazing then the 16-0 regular season.
  19. bakahump

    Will they? Can they....I wll enjoy how the Panthers play out.

    So Panthers watch. 4 Games to go. 2 Against a "slumping/imploding" Falcons 1 at home against a mediocre to bad Bucs team 1 away at a tough Giants team. in this order Falcons @giants @Falcons Buc lots of Story lines. I think they are safe this week. At home against the Falcons....while talk...
  20. bakahump

    Road to the One Seed Stops at Number Two

    Ok Its about time... Patriots own a 2 game and 3 Game(....assuming a loss for someone in the Den/Cin game) over the next 2 teams. Tie Breakers are 1 Head to head- Win over Denver and Cin loss to Denver later would be best case. We do not play Cinci. 2. Division record- Is that right? Or would...