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  1. robssecondjob

    Worst Ref Stories

    I have had the "pleasure" of doing league matches with one of my boys on the pitch. Only in emergency situations though. Whistle and retake. If not a friendly, a caution to the keeper as well.
  2. robssecondjob

    Women's World Cup 2019

    Rapinoe and Mewis on the bench.
  3. robssecondjob

    Major League Soccer 2019: Your Humble Local League (and a little USOC too)

    Latest salary dump for MLS.
  4. robssecondjob

    Poor New England! So Far From Boston, So Close to the Kraft Family: The Revolution 2019

    A good first step for the near term. Maybe Lapper will put out a starting 11 that has players in positions that make sense.
  5. robssecondjob

    Poor New England! So Far From Boston, So Close to the Kraft Family: The Revolution 2019

    Imagine being the poor bastards trying to sell next season tickets...
  6. robssecondjob

    Poor New England! So Far From Boston, So Close to the Kraft Family: The Revolution 2019

    The Revs are broken. They look to have no ideas going forward and then when they do find themselves forward everybody is either afraid to shoot or takes three extra touches looking for the perfect shot. They have a manager who is solidly out of his depth which isn't helping.
  7. robssecondjob

    Worst Ref Stories

    I had that one on a Grade 8 re-cert test! I came closest to seeing on the pitch in a JV boys match.
  8. robssecondjob

    Worst Ref Stories

    How did it go? The first time I ever did a game as center with more senior guys on the lines for me it was terrifying.
  9. robssecondjob

    MLS 2018: More Barco Than Bite

    That one gets sent to all of my youth players: 1. Great soccer awareness in to reacting to the clearance. 2. 100% effort tracking back. Easily could have tracked back 10 yards and given up, didn't. 3. Great line to intercept. 4. Clean, textbook tackle. 5. Quick awareness that he could save the...
  10. robssecondjob

    Worst Ref Stories

    This weekend I had a rookie coach (U10 girls) call his team off of the field when he heard a whistle from the field behind him. It is pretty easy to block out the other whistles when you have one in your hand, so I had no idea where his players were going. The opposing coach was an old hand...
  11. robssecondjob

    MLS 2018: More Barco Than Bite

    Another season. Another early defensive red card for the Revs.
  12. robssecondjob

    Don Garber's MLS Crew: 2017-18 MLS Offseason Thread

    Lee Nyugen did not report to preseason training camp. Always a good start to the season.
  13. robssecondjob

    The 2017 Major League Soccer Thread

    I would think Farrell should be an easy call to bring back. Even as a depth defender. As long as they keep him in a wide position. I am a lot more positive on Caldwell. He is never going to be the midfield destoyer, but he can pass.
  14. robssecondjob

    Fixing The Player Development Problem

    As anybody who has the misfortune to watch middle school or high school soccer can attest. There are some quite respectable players that are getting no sort of development. I am 4th official today for a local high school match and I can rest assured I will hear "boot it" for at least one coach.
  15. robssecondjob

    Soccer Free Kick Question

    My sons varsity team pulled a good one on a free kick. Direct kick, attacking, about 20 yards out. Two players ran to the ball and started loudly arguing over who was going to take the kick. While the defenders watched the show a third player ran through and hammered the ball into the net.
  16. robssecondjob

    Trip Reports

    Turners Cross has taken some heavy damage in Ophelia.
  17. robssecondjob

    Are kids crazier now, or am I just old?

    No lines for drills. Everybody needs to have a ball at that age. Dribbling relay races and that type of a thing to keep everybody moving at practice. At the high school level I get "we need to play shirts and skins today". Which is code for "the visiting girls team just showed up".
  18. robssecondjob

    The 2017 Major League Soccer Thread

    Another Revs game. Another very early VAR red card send off. Kouassi at 10 minutes.