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  1. JShams

    Kick It! The 2020 Olympics Futbol and Rugby thread

    Rapinoe should be getting a call from Gareth Southgate to teach PKs
  2. JShams

    On the road to Omaha

    NC State blowing their chance at the college World Series due to getting covid at this point would be totally on brand.
  3. JShams

    6/7 Isles @ Boston

    Apparently it’s hard to tell knees and shoulders apart these days
  4. JShams

    The Lakers Reality Show

    So is LeBron an anti-vaxxer?
  5. JShams

    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    Hathaway was an underachieving piece of shit for four years at Brown. Fuck you you piece of garbage.
  6. JShams

    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    Fuck Wilson. I hope he gets paralyzed.
  7. JShams

    2020-21 NC/ACC Hoops

    I was sure they would as well. Especially after brooks got blocked and it turned into an easy bucket to make it a 1 point game.
  8. JShams

    College Football Bowl Game Thread

    Grimes might be the best player on the field for Carolina and he was supposed to be in high school this year.
  9. JShams

    College Football Bowl Game Thread

    Carolina is going to be real good next year. Almost everyone playing will be back, including the entire o-line.
  10. JShams

    College Football Week Fifteen Game Thread

    Those shitty losses to FSU and UVA really hurt now.
  11. JShams

    College Football Week Thirteen Game Thread

    That 3rd down play could have been illegal motion. Full back was moving forward at snap.
  12. JShams

    Woo Sox tix on sale today 11/8

    I'm with Felix. There is a 0% chance I'll ever set foot in this park.
  13. JShams

    Bruins vs. Tampa Bay - Game 4

    Cassidy needs to blow up an official.
  14. JShams

    Non-revenue college sports thread

    This is the truth.
  15. JShams

    2019-2020 Duke/UNC/ACC Hoops

    Carolina was just ahead of the curve in skipping the NCAA tournament over coronavirus fears.
  16. JShams

    2/4 Canucks @ B’s

    This is correct.
  17. JShams

    2019-2020 Duke/UNC/ACC Hoops

    Never thought Brandon Robinson would be so missed.
  18. JShams

    2019-2020 Duke/UNC/ACC Hoops

    Thank goodness, because the rest of this team looks quite mediocre.
  19. JShams

    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    I have friend at the game who confirmed and shared video of this as well.
  20. JShams

    College Football Week 5 Game Thread

    It looked like Crawford was hurt on the play before the Clemson TD. He’s by far their best lineman, if he was done for the game the decision is even easier.