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  1. vadertime

    2021 Little League Regionals

    I'm just flipping through the channels, and end up watching some of it. One of Nebraska's players gets hit with a pitch in his ride side, stays in the game and initially appears to be 'OK'. Later in the game when he comes back up to the plate, the announcers and everyone sees him batting with...
  2. vadertime

    Saints facing "biggest discipline yet" for COVID violations

    Related to Kamara's absence in Week 17, supposedly the Saints are looking at the loss of multiple draft picks and/or additional fines.
  3. vadertime

    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    Rusney Castillo headed to Japan.
  4. vadertime

    Mouse won't left click

    My mouse's left button randomly stopped working. It still moves and scrolls fine. The right button clicks and works fine. It is a Logitech wireless mouse. I've already tried changing the battery, restarting the computer, and taking it out and plugging it back in. I tried swapping out it out...
  5. vadertime

    Light, Hernandez, & Jerez added to 40 man

    Pat Light, Marco Hernandez, & Williams Jerez added to 40 man roster to protect them from Rule 5 draft. Anthony Varvaro outrighted and elects free agnecy. Josh Rutledge DFA. They already had 1 open spot.
  6. vadertime

    Miguel Celestino traded to Reds

    Miguel Celestino traded to Reds per Mike Antonellis, Portland's radio voice.  Has spent last 3 seasons in AA, so doesn't seem like a big loss, but there was a time he was viewed as a prospect.  Maybe Cincy sees something in him, no word on what's coming back, but it can't be anything much.    ...
  7. vadertime

    Patriots 2015 Schedule looking easy

    Playoff hype notwithstanding the 2015 Patriots schedule is looking to be quite favorable.   HOME: Buffalo, Miami, NY Jets, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Washington, AFC North*   AWAY:  Buffalo, Miami, NY Jets, Houston, Indianapolis, Dallas, NY Giants, Denver   *AFC North opponent will...
  8. vadertime

    New Pawsox Logo

    So the Pawsox have a new logo, and its very cartoon like and bad.   @BWMcGair03
  9. vadertime

    Pawsox being sold to Red Sox Ownership

    Apparently some of the Red Sox owners are buying the Pawsox.  Figured this was coming eventually, as Ben Mondor died in 2010 and his widow isn't getting any younger.  Obviously, they won't be moving anywhere, but will be interesting to see if any other changes are made.  ...
  10. vadertime

    2014-2015 Minor League Coming and Going

    According the Baseball America Minor League Free Agent Tracker   Ryan Roberts has left for Kansas City and Carson Blair has left for Oakland.   No signings thus far,
  11. vadertime

    Former Titans K Rob Bironas dies in single car accident

    Per pregame shows.  Only 36.
  12. vadertime

    2014-2015 Minor League Coaching Changes

    The changes are already coming in.  Projo's Tim Britton has news on Pawsox pitching coach Rich Sauveur leaving after the season.  Buried at the end of the article on the Pawsox game 1 win.  Might end up being a big loss, depending on how much impact he's had the young arms these past few years...
  13. vadertime

    New HOF Rules

        Its being played off as minor changes, but as the article notes Bert Blyleven, Jim Rice, Bruce Sutter, Duke Snider, Bob Lemon, & Ralph Kiner all were elected in their 11-15th year of eligibility.  Trammel, Smith, and Mattingly are grandfathered in and will be eligible next year.   Should...
  14. vadertime

    Mike Carey leaving NFL for CBS

    Referee Mike Carey is leaving his job with the NFL to join CBS. He will have a role similar to what Mike Pereira does for FOX. 
  15. vadertime

    Justin Verlander - the next albatross contract?

    Is Justin Verlander the next albatross contract?   Quietly has been on the decline since 2012.   Using his last "great" year 2011 as a starting point:   ERA has risen from gone from 2.40 to 2.64 to 3.46 to 4.61 WHIP has gone from .920 to 1.057 to 1.315 to 1.505 .AVG has gone from .192 to .217 to...
  16. vadertime

    2013-2014 Red Sox ML Comings and Goings

    Goings:   Anthony Carter signs minor league deal with San Diego   Comings:   Tommy Layne (LHP)  & SS Mike McCoy  - both invited to spring training.