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  1. Larry Gardner

    SOSH Android App

    Hi, I've had the Android App for several years now, but now it only shows "Network Error, please try again later" (get_forum | SOSH). I looked for the app today in Google Play, but did not find one under S.O.S.H. or "sons of sam horn". So, does the Android app still exist, and is it supported...
  2. Larry Gardner

    100 Wins

    I don't post much... and please be kind :) I've followed the Sox day and night, 365.25 days a year since 1964, and I'm just so thrilled to finally see the boys win 100 games. This would never affect me in the way that '04 did, and I doubt that anything in life would ever be match that type of...
  3. Larry Gardner

    Chapman to the MFY
  4. Larry Gardner

    Rule 5 nets Jandel Gustave from the Astros   Who can tell us anything about him?