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  1. Dogman

    Sony Michel to Rams

    No context to this post. Joke? Not amused. There is a line already drawn. That line is nothing V&N outside of V&N. Period. This post can easily be construed a certain way. This board will not have it that way outside V&N. There is a thread in V&N to discuss athletes. This post...
  2. Dogman

    Poll: Cam, Mac, Brian or?

    This conversation is teetering on V&N territory and I ask you take it there to continue. There is no legroom for these conversations outside of that forum and that it is where should and must be had. Let's get back to discussion of who should start based on their play on the field. Thanks...
  3. Dogman

    Poll: Cam, Mac, Brian or?

    Thanks Skrub. Only on this site will a poll about a starting QB turn into a lesson on possessives. You all know who I voted for.
  4. Dogman

    Pats Preseason: QB Edition

    We love you for who you are, SR.
  5. Dogman

    Pats Preseason: QB Edition

    Cool. New member. Welcome!
  6. Dogman

    The Fearsome 5 or the Feeble 5? - The Rookie QB's

    Moved a few posts. Apologies about the order of them after the move.
  7. Dogman

    NFL News and Transactions

    Not the forum for this. V&N stays in V&N. There is no latitude here.
  8. Dogman

    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    With Carlo back and potentially Kase for the playoffs, I'm giddy about our prospects. If Kase plays, who sits? Marchand-Bergy-Pasta Smith-Krejci-Hall Ritchie-Coyle-Kase Kuraly-Lazar-Debrusk/Kuhlman/Frederic I think Debrusk plays. I like this team.
  9. Dogman

    Tom Wilson

    Wow. That's not going help anything. Fired?
  10. Dogman

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    Yep. Need to wait until after the pick is officially announced to start threads like your example.
  11. Dogman

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    And they will be banned from both threads. I will not hesitate to remove anyone from both threads who does not follow the rules of the NO SPOILERS thread.
  12. Dogman

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    I'm sure there are those that prefer picks in real time. Two threads cover everybody and allow people to camp in their own spot.
  13. Dogman

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    Use this thread for discussion between picks, tweets, rumors, rumblings, etc. Spoilers allowed in this thread. Enjoy round 1.
  14. Dogman

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Picks Gamethread--NO SPOILERS

    Round 1 begins at 8 PM ET on ESPN. Currently, the Patriots sit at #15 and are projected to pick at 9:45 PM ET. No spoilers in this thread please. If you violate this rule and post a spoiler in this thread, you will be removed from both draft threads. Be sure you know which thread you are...
  15. Dogman

    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    Honestly, the only change I would make right now is Fredrick over Ritchie. Obviously once Grz, Carlo, and Miller are healthy I want them playing but for right now, I think Ritchie needs to be stapled to the 7th floor.
  16. Dogman

    Pats QB Options

    Moved a few posts to the tanking thread to keep this on the topic of QB options.
  17. Dogman

    Would tanking in 2020 been a better option for QB draft position?

    Moved a few posts and started this thread to keep the Pats QB options thread on topic.
  18. Dogman

    Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filed against QB DeShaun Watson

    With the exception of PMs, this should be the end of this. Thanks.
  19. Dogman

    Bruins vs the Islanders- Home Opener (Fans Included version)

    Yeah, no clue how Marchand, Bergy or Pasta do't even see the ice in OT.