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  1. Dr. Gonzo

    Kemba Walker + 2021 First Round Pick to OKC for Al Horford, Moses Brown

    View: The Celtics are trading Kemba Walker, the No. 16 overall pick in the 2021 draft and a 2025 second-round draft pick to Oklahoma City for Al Horford, Moses Brown and a 2023 second-round pick, sources tell ESPN.
  2. Dr. Gonzo

    Ernie Adams: The Last Dance

    Maybe not threadworthy but I couldn't find a good place for this. Looking forward to this on Sunday. View:
  3. Dr. Gonzo

    WC Pre-Game Thread: Tennessee

    Saturday 8:15pm CBS- Nantz and Romo View: I would have to assume that Tennessee will double Edelman as well. After Edelman, I really only have confidence in White. I hope they continue to manufacture touches to Harry and while they...
  4. Dr. Gonzo

    Bill Belichick, Iowa State and the Future of Defensive Football

    Just a phenomenal article and study on the Pats trying to keep up with and get ahead of air raid concepts through scheme and roster construction. The article really shows the thinking behind letting Flowers and Jones walk and the ability to create pressure out of sub packages with blitzing and...
  5. Dr. Gonzo

    This Year's ESPN Hit Piece

    Not sure where to put this but per Bruce Allen, another ESPN piece by Seth Wickersham is being released tomorrow relating to the Patriots. I seem to remember another Pats article was released by him and Van Natta before one of the banner raisings too. Expect a lot of anonymous sources per usual
  6. Dr. Gonzo

    Dean Blandino Will Have Final Say On Replays In 2017

    Goodell announced this morning on Mike & Mike From the quote, this is being implemented under the guise of speeding up the game.
  7. Dr. Gonzo

    Duron Harmon Expected Back In Foxborough

    Very important move with McCourty and Chung getting older. Have Jordan Richards to evaluate as well this season to see if he can make an impact.
  8. Dr. Gonzo

    Patriots Sign Stephon Gilmore

    edited to include text of tweet for mobile users - nip Bills free agent CB Stephon Gilmore expects to sign with New England barring any final snags, per sources.
  9. Dr. Gonzo

    Wild Card Weekend Gamethread

    Saturday, Jan. 7 AFC: (5) Oakland at (4) Houston, 4:30 p.m. ET (ESPN/ABC) NFC: (6) Detroit at (3) Seattle, 8:15 p.m. ET (NBC) Sunday, Jan. 8 AFC: (6) Miami at (3) Pittsburgh, 1:05 p.m. ET (CBS) NFC: (5) New York Giants at (4) Green Bay, 4:40 p.m. ET (Fox) The best game of the weekend is the...
  10. Dr. Gonzo

    WSJ: NFL Withheld $120M From Players Integrity, blah, blah
  11. Dr. Gonzo

    Roger Goddell's "State of the Game" Press Conference Game Thread

    This starts at 2:30pm and while Roger doesn't prefer to answer a question with a substantive response, some news should be generated. Hopefully Rachel Nichols is able to ask a question.
  12. Dr. Gonzo

    Roger Goodell’s Unstoppable Football Machine- NY Times Magazine Article touching on a number of topics but all leading back to Goddell. Surprisingly, Texans owner Bob McNair comes off as the biggest asshole in an article that has...
  13. Dr. Gonzo

    Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain : Dean Blandino

    Today on PFT: 12/18 on PFT: These two statements don't square...
  14. Dr. Gonzo

    2015 Colts: Karma Chameleon

    Awful thread title that may certainly be changed by the powers that be.   Five-year, $65 million extension for T.Y. Hilton     Hilton is now locked up and my guess would be that Anthony Castonzo is next before Luck is taken care of next off season.