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  1. VORP Speed

    May Game Thread

    Rays offense SUCKS
  2. VORP Speed

    4/18: Cole vs Impending Doom

    Lots of talk on Twitter of Rays being Yankees’ daddies. I don’t buy this. Unless they beat Cole. In which case, jon speed has a nice ring to it.
  3. VORP Speed

    2021 Rays: Wandervision

    Randy was Mr October, Wander is waiting in the wings, they sold high on Snell...but they made a very uncharacteristic front-office error in handling Morton’s option. They thought they could leverage him living in Tampa and being super comfortable with the Rays situation to squeeze him for a few...
  4. VORP Speed

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Screw Soxhop and his loser poll. We need a poll to tell us everyone thinks the mighty Dodgers are going to win the WS? Just like the mighty Yankees were going to roll through the AL East? Just like the re-awakened 4 ALCS in a row juggernaut Astros were going to finish off an almost historic...
  5. VORP Speed

    2020 ALCS: Good vs Evil

    All aboard the Rays Bandwagon.
  6. VORP Speed

    Eastern Conf Finals: Bolts v Isles

    Game 1: a good old fashioned country ass whoopin’ Game 2: Wed at 8pm
  7. VORP Speed

    2020 Rays: Go, Tsutsu, Go!!

    Yoshi is bringing the hype and doubling the fanbase with his army of Yokohama die-hards. View: Coming off 97 win season, Renfroe and Yoshi will provide some new power, pitching will be what Rays pitching always is, best farm...
  8. VORP Speed

    2019 Rays: Yandy Diaz is bigger than you

    Rays are going to teach Yandy some launch angle, openers going to open, Snell/Glasnow/Morton, Honeywell shows up in June, Meadows and Pham make those trades last summer look really good.....
  9. VORP Speed

    World Series Game 2: New Land Speed Record?

    Dodgers took care of business last night in the quickest WS game since 1992. Couple big bombs, Kershaw cruised, Kenley closed, no sweat. Well, lots of sweat. It will be 95 degrees at first pitch tonight. Verlander vs Hill. The Dodger juggernaut rolls on.
  10. VORP Speed

    World Series Game 1: It's Getting Hot in Here

    The World Series should have a proper game thread, not some catch-all soxhop poll thread posted 2 nanoseconds after the ALDS ended. Dodgers rolling through the postseason powered by the genius of Andrew Friedman and the likability of Yasiel Puig meet an Astros team fresh off an emotional Game 7...
  11. VORP Speed

    2016 Rays: Havana Daydreamin'

    118 years after Teddy Roosevelt gathered his Rough Riders in Tampa to sail towards glory on Cuban shores, another band of scrappy, underpaid young men prepare to depart the city for Havana to begin their campaign for glory. Hopefully they will avoid the mismanagement and significant disabled...
  12. VORP Speed

    AL East PECOTA Projections

    Massive offseason spending spree gets Sox to 2nd. Not bad.
  13. VORP Speed

    2015 Rays: Straight Cash, Loney

    4 starting pitchers on the DL (Cobb, Moore, Odorizzi, Colome). Closer on the DL (McGee). Franklin, Jaso, Loney on the DL. Maddon in Wrigley, Friedman in Chavez Ravine. The new manager was a bullpen coach last year. They're going to start using more light blue in the uniforms, though, so that's...
  14. VORP Speed

    2014/2015 Rays Off-Season

    So…slightly hectic few weeks in the bowels of the Trop.     The 2014 Rays had very good starting pitching. 22 shutouts on the season, most in the AL since the start of the DH. The bullpen was a dumpster fire to start the season and stabilized towards the end as McGee and Boxberger settled into...
  15. VORP Speed

    Extending Wifi Range

    I just moved into a house where the wifi that originates from a modem/router in the kitchen on an upper level doesn't reach my home office on a lower level. There is also an xbox and an apple TV on that lower level, so I'd like to have pretty good signal.   I'm trying to decide between:   Option...
  16. VORP Speed

    The Price Sweepstakes   This was linked in the rumors thread, but since a Price trade is likely to be the splashiest deal of the offseason, it feels like it's coming shortly, and...