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    Timelord signs big extension (4 yrs/54 mill)

    Timelord is my favorite player to watch when he's on the court. I love love love that he's locked up.
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    2021-22 NBA Off-season Thread

    Will Beal still want to stick round with a Westbrook trade?
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    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    Since it seemed pretty clear from the get-go that the C's were going to hire from the assistant ranks, this is about a positive an outcome as you could have hoped for: - Positive relationship with existing stars - Former player - African American - Good reputation around the league - No history...
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    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    Can't put a price tag on that. Longtime Everett's Dinosaurs celebrity crush.
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    6/1 at Brooklyn

    Every time I convince friends that the NBA is really good and that they should watch along, they're always driven away by the officiating. Even when I don't say anything, they ask some version of 'are they always this bad?'
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    5/2 vs Portland

    For those of us who weren't able to watch the second half, can someone give me a rundown on the injuries to the Jays and how worried I should be?
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    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    That really really sucks. I was cheering for the Nuggets to take the West, and Murray is super fun to cheer for. Why can't we have nice things?
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    1/30: Lakers at Celtics--Rivalry Renewed

    I had bilateral compartment syndrome for about 15 years. The release surgery remains one of the 5 best days of my life.
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    The Existential Extension Crisis - Will Giannis Stay in Milwaukee?

    As someone who hates the trend of superstars forcing their way out of small markets to play with their buddies, this news is fantastic and ultimately good for the NBA long-term. As a Celtics fan, I look forward to cursing his name in the years to come.