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  1. cornwalls@6

    Uber issue

    My sister cannot sign into the uber app, because it’s not recognizing the email address she created the account with, and she’s forgotten her password. However, it is still recognizing her mobile number, so she can’t even just start over and sign up as a new customer. There appear to be no...
  2. cornwalls@6

    Previews of linked content

    Potentially dumb question: Why is seeing a preview hit or miss when I link an article in a post? Sometimes the preview shows up, sometimes just the link. I'm just copying the URL and pasting. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. cornwalls@6

    2019 Notre Dame Football: Wake up the echoes, chapter 31

    Long time Irish football fan(thanks a lot, Dad). One game into the 2019 season, and I'm neither impressed nor optimistic by what I saw Monday night. Defense, though it settled down and played fairly well, looks small and not very physical. Their front 7 would get steam-rolled by 'Bama or...
  4. cornwalls@6

    RIP Bart Starr

    Passed away at 85, after many years of poor health. All those titles, and his iconic goal line sneak in the Ice Bowl, obviously cemented his position as one of the immortals. I remember Brady often being compared to him during his 2001-2004 "game manager" phase. Such a different game in the...