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  1. bobesox

    8/4: Hometown vs. Motown

    Don’t forget. Day game tomorrow. 1:10 start.
  2. bobesox

    7/29 Tick, tick, tick ...

    Bat on the ground.
  3. bobesox

    The Alex Cora Difference

    Alex Cora one hour special being aired on MLBN at noon today. Preseason game w NYY follows at 1
  4. bobesox

    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    Atlanta tidbit. Local traffic engineers synchronized all traffic lights ahead of team busses today. Pats got from hotel to Georgia Tech stadium in under 4 minutes. Mirabelli esque.
  5. bobesox

    Murray... Present (in the NFL)

    Dionne Sanders comes to mind.
  6. bobesox

    No mention of Tony C today?

    Westmoreland too.
  7. bobesox

    Minor League Progress Report

    Was abandoning the 2 seamer part of a process or just something that didn’t work?
  8. bobesox

    Eovaldi to Red Sox, per Rosenthal

    Nowhere to put it. T Y L.
  9. bobesox

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Same here.
  10. bobesox

    SBLII: What Did the Butler Do?

    What 6 or 7 offenses were better? Just curious.
  11. bobesox

    ALCS: Yankees vs Astros (Non-Yankees Fan Version)

    If that's sick then I don't want to be well.
  12. bobesox

    The Epitaph on the 2017 Season

    To expand this concept. Use 6 starters. Not a six man rotation. And give 1 starter at a time some time off.
  13. bobesox

    Stretch Run 2017: is the glass half full or that other thing?

    Any possibility that Cleveland's run differential is aided by 2 divisional opponents roughly 30 games under .500?
  14. bobesox

    Who is the Sox 2VP?

    Both Sale and Pom have 26 starts but Sale has about 40 more innings pitched. Bullpen use should be taken into account.
  15. bobesox

    Bullpen 2017

    Is thoracic outlet syndrome surgery career ending? I am only aware of Daniel Bard.
  16. bobesox

    2016 Eagles: Nothing But the Second Best

    Time for a thread title change?
  17. bobesox

    2016 Eagles: Nothing But the Second Best

    Bradford to Vikings for draft picks. So while Wentz has not seen action since injury he probably will soon because Chase Daniel isn't very good. Also with Lane Johnson not being suspended immediately Wentz may not end up getting clobbered
  18. bobesox

    The Bullpen Thread

    Going back to post 109 by baseball jones ... It's the splitter, or lack thereof. I remembered that Schilling said the splitter was a feel pitch which would disappear at times, sometimes for quite a while. Maybe Taz just lost his splitter.
  19. bobesox

    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    Yes. See last post in game thread for context
  20. bobesox

    The Bullpen Thread

    First a question. Does Koji have a shot at coming back? Now a radical thought. I expect to get ripped a new one. Here goes. All starters for the balance of the year use their "side session throw day" as a relief appearance if necessary. Would this screw pitchers up long term, probably not...