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  1. Pesky Pole

    Game week 24

    Liverpool and Leicester get us started early with Kabak’s first start.
  2. Pesky Pole

    3/7 - 3/9 Gamethread

    LiVARpool victimized by Var not overturning that goal for the clear foul. 1-0 Bornemouth
  3. Pesky Pole

    9/15 Week Game Thread

    Spurs and Liverpool open things at Wembley. Here we go.....
  4. Pesky Pole

    Game thread 1/21 - 1/22

    Liverpool finding Swansea's level early on.
  5. Pesky Pole

    Penn State AD and Sandusky Charged

    This has got to be the most sickening story I've read in a while (Catholic priests excluded). If you get the link to the actual grand jury indictment (Peter King tweeted it), do yourself a favor and don't read it. Lots of people should go to jail