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  1. LeoCarrillo

    Who is Jake Wesley?

    A supposed 14 year old with a Twitter account named Jake Wesley breaks the Hanley and Sandoval deals on the same day.   Who is this Banksy-meets-Batman mystery man of Hot Stove? And how awesome is it that national dweebs like Rosenthal and Cafardo have to take a break from being manipulated by...
  2. LeoCarrillo

    Relievers who walk nobody

    This seems like as good a place as any for this item:   Ten players in Boston for the weeklong rookie program of getting a bit familiar with Fenway, the coaching staff, etc. Mostly it's guys you'd expect. But one surprise: Noe Ramirez. He's only rated No. 30 on soxprospects. Good numbers as a...
  3. LeoCarrillo

    Clowney, the unblockable Cock

    Is South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney about to have the best defensive year in college history? Will the Chiefs, Jags and Raiders be tanking games to draft this monster No. 1? Is an SEC quarterback actually going to be killed by head-in-helmet decapitation?    6-foot-6, 275 pounds and runs a...