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  1. jon abbey

    9/12: Anyone But Heaney

    NY has yet to announce a starter for this one, the subject speaks for itself. Boone said this afternoon it would be Heaney or Clarke Schmidt in his long awaited season MLB debut. I like Schmidt but he is not very stretched out. Cole is on full rest though and if he is OK to pitch Tuesday, it...
  2. jon abbey

    9/11: I Recommend Watching Tennis

    It's been a great US Open, women's final today at 4, first all teenage final since Serena and Hingis in 1999.
  3. jon abbey

    Ramon Laureano suspended 80 games

  4. jon abbey

    August MLB News

    View: Kind of hope the Rangers get him next year and he and Leiter are teammates again.
  5. jon abbey

    Joey Gallo Is A Yankee

    Terrible thread title, but I couldn't think of anything good and wanted to get this going. There is so much to post about this guy, this story from a few days ago is pretty incredible ($). "“I would consider myself as defensive-first player, honestly,” the reigning American League right field...
  6. jon abbey

    En Garde, it's the 2020 Summer Olympics Fencing thread

    Lee Kiefer just won the first ever individual medal in foil fencing by an American, she is into the top two. Also amusingly I just learned that her dad captained the Duke fencing team around the same time I co-captained the Columbia team. One of those years we beat Duke 27-0, maybe even more...
  7. jon abbey

    7/11: Sunday Afternoon and No One Is Watching

    2 PM EST, Taillon vs. Framber Valdez.
  8. jon abbey

    7/10: Saturday Night and No One Is Watching

    Cole vs. Greinke, 7 PM EST. Thanks to OAK and CLE falling back to the pack, NY is somehow just two behind in the loss column from the second wild card.
  9. jon abbey

    7/9: Friday Night and No One Is Watching

    Two innings in, scoreless. Nasty Nestor looks like he is the one who should have gotten Cole's contract... :)
  10. jon abbey

    7/4: Today We Lose Twice

    Smith HR off Cole in the 1st, 1-0.
  11. jon abbey

    7/3: We Suck

  12. jon abbey

    6/26: The Yankees United Will Never Be Defeated

    To be clear, I am actually pretty dubious about this year's Yankees team, even at full strength, but the title is a tribute to classical composer Frederic Rzewski's most famous piece (The People United Will Never Be Defeated), as he died earlier today. Montgomery/Eovaldi, 7 PM on Fox (ugh).
  13. jon abbey

    6/12: Put Stanton in RF

    Two games at the Phillies, so no DH. Stanton has played 982 games in RF in his career, let's make it 983 instead of making the guy who just blasted three HRs in two games a pinch-hitter. . (Boone has already said Stanton won't play the OF this series, because of course he did)
  14. jon abbey

    What Can/Should NY Do?

    Let's get this out of the game threads.... NY's a bit of a mess right now, but they are not so far removed from the team that won seven or eight series in a row a few weeks ago. The pitching staff is in good shape, with Britton and Severino both on track to be back in the next few weeks. 1)...
  15. jon abbey

    June Game Thread

    VORP's starting the May game thread directly led to the Rays going 22-6 with a +72 run differential, so I figure someone else should start the June one. :)
  16. jon abbey

    5/31: Let's Outscore TB

    NY is back home, Taillon vs Rich Hill, 1 PM.
  17. jon abbey

    5/28: #1 vs #1

    Not the teams, but both starting pitchers were the #1 overall picks, Cole in 2011 and Casey Mize in 2018. NY starts 3 in DET, Deivi is back to start tomorrow and maybe King on Sunday with a 75-80 pitch cap. And Stanton is finally back today!! 7 PM EST, go Knicks.
  18. jon abbey

    5/27: Beat The Damn Blue Jays

    2-6 against them so far, Ray vs. Montgomery, Florial hitting 8th before going back down tomorrow, let's do it.
  19. jon abbey

    NBA Playoffs Predictions

    Only an hour before the first game tips, but I wanted to start a thread anyway. PHI over WAS 4-1 ATL over NYK 4-2 BKN over BOS 4-1 MIL over MIA 4-3 UTH over MEM 4-1 LAC over DAL 4-1 LAL over PHX 4-2 DEN over POR 4-3 ================ PHI over ATL 4-1 BKN over MIL 4-3 LAC over UTH 4-2 LAL...
  20. jon abbey

    5/16: Keep It Going

    NY is up to 6-3 in the season series with BAL now, need another W today especially now that Means has been pushed back and isn't going today. Hyde isn't sure who will start for them as of the postgame tonight, he said it will likely be a bullpen game but they had to use a bunch of relievers...