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  1. Schnerres

    Euro 2020 Day 9 Game Thread

    Seems like France have more trouble to attack (against lesser opposition) while opponent sits back than playing more defensive like vs Germany. I want to see France vs counter-attacking Portugal. if Hungary holds that 1-0, there could be trouble for one of the Big3
  2. Schnerres

    Euro 2021 Day 1 Game Thread: Italy v. Turkey

    Chiellini looks like hes 45..since 7 years.
  3. Schnerres

    Euro 2021 Day 1 Game Thread: Italy v. Turkey

    IDK why, but this match is the most interesting for me in at least the last 12 months… no rooting interest whatsoever.
  4. Schnerres

    Gameweek 34: Pitch Invaders

    Hansi Flick 19/20 comes to mind.
  5. Schnerres

    New & Improved: The 2021 Pats Draft Contest!

    So I´ll go with mine being too late... 1 Fields, Justin / QB / Ohio State 2 Lance, Trey / QB / ND State 3 Mond, Kellen / QB / Texas A&M 4 Horn, Jaycee / CB / South Carolina 5 Taylor, Keith / CB / Washington 6 Thomas, Ambry / CB / Michigan 7 Wade, Shaun / CB / Ohio State 8 Radunz, Dillon / OL /...
  6. Schnerres

    Americans Abroad, 2020-21: The Kids Are Alright

    it‘s go west, yes. In many german arenas fans sing „olé, hier kommt der ...(insert your club/ BVB/FCB/etc.)“ which of course means „olé, here comes BVB!“
  7. Schnerres

    SoSH Playoff Predictions

    AFC 2 Buf over 7 Ind 3 Pit over 6 Cle 4 Ten over 5 Balt - - - 4 Ten over 1 KC 2 Buf over 3 Pit - - - 2 Buf over 4 Ten NFC 2 NO over 7 Chi 3 Sea over 6 LAR 5 TB over 4 Wash - - - 5 TB over 1 GB 2 NO over 3 Sea - - - 2 NO over 5 TB Super Bowl: 2 NO over 2 Buf, 34 - 30, MVP: Brees (who...
  8. Schnerres

    Pats QB Options

    What is the tiebreaker if the Pats and 5 (or More) other Teams go 6-10?
  9. Schnerres

    Americans Abroad, 2020-21: The Kids Are Alright

    In 3.Bundesliga (Augsburg loanee) maurice malone scored a hattrick for Wiesbaden. I dont know if he is interested in USMNT. Just turned 20yo in august.
  10. Schnerres

    Your Premier League Leaders (as of right this minute) Southampton! Week 8 game thread

    So lets play Pep the DM vs klopp the CB. Pep would be more useful, but he could only play like 50% of the Matches. Klopp would be too Slow, but a nice vocal leader with van Dijk out.
  11. Schnerres

    2021 Draft: Tank for Trevor - Can NE do it?

    Can the pats lose to the jets? If its YES, then theres a chance, no?!?
  12. Schnerres

    College Football 2020 Week Six Game Thread

    we will have 4Florida vs 21Texas A&m over here in germany. Any Special prospects to watch? I guess it‘s Pitts and Trask. Buddy Johnson?
  13. Schnerres

    Matchweek 3

    If that situation happens in midfield, ref would have given it to Leeds or the Sheffield player would have stayed away. In a dangerous area, the "normal" team to receive the ball stays away and the ballwinner (here: Sheffield) kicks it to the opposing keeper or to a defender or out for a...
  14. Schnerres

    Champions League, Round of 16

    I agree on the love for the away-goal-rule if it´s tied. And I agree the tie should be set at 0-0 going into extra time. Because to me (isn´t that obvious?), the advantage is 99% on the home team if it gets into extra time (doesn´t mean 99% of home teams advance, obviously).
  15. Schnerres

    The 2020 Draft Contest! New and Improved (Again)

    1) McTelvin Agim, DL, Arkansas 2) Tyler Bass, K, Georgia Southern 3) Zack Baun, LB, Wisconsin 4) Rodrigo Blankenship, K, Georgia 5) Nick Coe, DE, Auburn 6) Marlon Davidson, DL, Auburn 7) A.J.Epenesa, DE, Iowa 8) Leki Fotu, DT, Utah 9) Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia 10) Antonio Gibson, RB, Memphis 11)...
  16. Schnerres

    2/28 - 3/1 game weekend

    Hopp is a billionaire behind SAP. He gets called names and gets threatened since Hoffenheim joined the 2nd Bundesliga. He is in the stadium most of the times. DFB tries to stop the banners against him. Dortmund got a stadium ban in Hoffenheim after breaking the rules again. Now Bayern came to...
  17. Schnerres

    2020 Playoffs: SoSH Predictions

    AFC Buffalo (5) beats Houston (4) New England (3) beats Tennessee (6) Baltimore (1) beats Buffalo (5) Kansas City (2) beats New England (3) Kansas City (2) beats Baltimore (1) NFC New Orleans (3) beats Minnesota (6) Seattle (5) beats Philadelphia (4) Seattle (5) beats San Francisco (1) Green...
  18. Schnerres

    English Week! EPL matches 12/3-5

    Is it possible to watch tonights matches at Amazon Prime from Germany? Cannot find it on my fire tv stick. If i Search premier League, it just Shows a Link to the dazn App, MUTV, city app or Citys all or nothing... Who can help? THX!!!