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  1. Don Buddin's GS

    Bo Burnham to play Larry Bird in HBO series about the Showtime Lakers Burnham is the latest star to join the HBO series. In the past few weeks, Adrien Brody, Sally Field, and Michael Chiklis all joined the show as Pat Riley, Jessie Buss, and Red Auerbach...
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    Doc Emrick to retire from NHL broadcast booth

    Perhaps the best play-by-play announcer of all time:
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    RIP Mike Ryan

    Catcher on the 1967 Impossible Dream Red Sox dead at 78:
  4. Don Buddin's GS

    2018 World Series MVP Steve Pearce retires

    What a season--and playoffs he had in 2018:
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    Brian Kenny's new book "AHEAD OF THE CURVE: Inside the Baseball Revolution"

    Sabermetricians rejoice! Brian Kenny finally gives Bill James his due for his role in the construction of the 2004 Red Sox in his new book. An excerpt courtesy of Sports on Earth is here:
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    WSJ Looks at Why Kids Are Abandoning Baseball

    Like most of you, I grew up playing baseball every day during the summer. Now, not so much:
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    A Conversation with Steve Bulpett

    I caught up with Steve Bulpett, the longtime Celtics beat writer for The Boston Herald at the Pistons game this week.  The conversation was heavily Dayton flavored, as we are both alums, but features a guest appearance by Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell:  ...
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    Wily Mo Pena signs in Japan   In other news, Wily Mo Pena is still playing baseball.
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    Burke Badenhop signs with Cincinnati

    Not public yet, but Ohio native Burke Badenhop signed with the Reds last night.
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    Andy Marte signs in Korea

    Andy Marte (remember him?) has signed to play in Korea: In other news, Andy Marte is still playing baseball.
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    Girardi pissed at Rays for pitching inside--join the club, Joe

    You ain't alone, Joe:
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    WTF? Manny signs as player/coach for Cubs minor league team

    Who'd a thunk it?
  13. Don Buddin's GS piece on Xander

    Tremendous article from on how Craig Shipley and Mike Lord signed X:
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    Jeff Suppan retires   In other news, Jeff Suppan was still playing baseball.
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    MLB Payroll Visualization Chart

    I'm no Sabermatrician but I thought this chart I found on was an interesting way to look at payroll, past, present and future:   It didn't work for me in IE but it does in Chrome.   I think we can all figure out who the box in...
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    RIP Paul Blair

    Man could that dude play some CF:
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    Jenny Dell "interviews" Will Middlebrooks long time

    No big surprise here:
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    Youk heads to Japan

    Kevin Youkilis is going to sign with the Rakuten Golden Eagles:
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    SportsonEarth Narrative on 2013 World Series

    Pat Jordan provides a very in-depth analysis of the World Series and the coverage thereof, with particular emphasis on the talking heads:    
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    Can Adam Kaufman of The Globe get a little love around here?

    Sure, he looks like he is only about 15 years old, but Kaufman is strongly advocating that the Sox run rather than walk away from AJ Pierzynski, so he has that going for him....which is nice:  ...