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  1. Eddie Jurak

    2019 Pats Offense: What Do We Make of It?

    The Pats have opened the season with 3 blowouts against 3 terrible teams. But the story hasn't been the same for the defense and the offense. The D looks like it may be a historically great unit. Hard to know for sure until they play some teams with good offenses, but there is nothing more the...
  2. Eddie Jurak

    NHL asks Marchand to stop licking people
  3. Eddie Jurak


    So, lost in the noise of all of the injuries was Guerschon's first NBA start. He didn't play a ton (18 minutes), but he flashed some skills. Numbers were good (4 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, a steal), but don't tell the whole story. His lone bucket was a fake 3, drive the closeout, Eurostep...
  4. Eddie Jurak

    What is a catch? Etc.

    OK, here's my second seemingly controversial opinion in as many days. I think the catch ule is fine and the controversial calls made over the pass couple of weeks have been fine. People seem up in arm as though the catch rule is a clear and present danger that will ruin football, and I...
  5. Eddie Jurak

    Patriots' current strategy...

    In this article, Chris Gasper makes the case that the Patriots either fucked up their efforts to deal Butler or are taking an "all-in" approach that represents a major strategic shift in Belichick's approach, perhaps brought on by his impending retirement. I am, shall we say, skeptical. My...
  6. Eddie Jurak

    Dishing Olynyk

    They are going to have a very difficult decision on Olynyk next year. If they sign him or even qualify him, it takes them out of the top free agent market. And, with his skill set, he'll be highly sought after as a FA and will get paid, if not by the Celtics then by another team. I kind of...
  7. Eddie Jurak

    Dodgers' new defensive positioning tactics

    For this weekend's series vs the Mets in Citi Field, the Dodgers attempted to leave three markers in the OF (2 in CF, 1 on RF) to aid their outfielders with their positioning. Dodger personnel used a laser rangefinder to detemine the positions pregame and then tried to leave the markers in the...
  8. Eddie Jurak

    Celtics trade rumors - Deadline 2/18, 3 PM

    Here is an interesting trade idea from Kevin O'Connor: Boston trades: 2016...
  9. Eddie Jurak

    Penalty kill...

    The Bruins have allowed 15 shorthanded goals through 13 games. Here is a look at our penalty killing defensemen with ice time and goals against: Zdeno Chara: 10 goals against in 40:09 Kevan Miller: 9 goals against in 43:45 Adam McQuaid: 6 goals against in 29:19 Joe Morrow: 3 goals against...
  10. Eddie Jurak

    Marchand Out with Concussion

    And (unsurprisingly) Marchand is concussed.
  11. Eddie Jurak

    +/- stinks but Bergeron doesn't

    With his -4 tonight, Bergeron is now -4 on the season.
  12. Eddie Jurak

    New Callups

    Caron and Lindblad up.  Marchand to IR (although he's eliglible to come off after tonight).
  13. Eddie Jurak

    Betts and Owens selected for the Futures game   I think Swihart was also worthy of a spot, but they only take two players per organization.   Interestingly, one former Red Sox prospect was selected - Frank Montas for the World team.
  14. Eddie Jurak

    Two man advantage

    There isn't a whole lot that Claude can be criticized for these days, but one thing is the Bruins approach to 5 on 3 situations.     A big reason why they have a legitimate power play this year is the play of Krug and Hamilton at the point.  First of  all, they can both shoot and score from the...
  15. Eddie Jurak

    Bruin mid-year player usage chart

    Rob Vollman just published his mid-year team-by-team player usage charts.  Here is the Bruins' chart:       These charts are based on 5-on-5 play only.    The X-axis is "offensive zone start percentage".  After a stoppage, how often do particular players start in the offensive vs. defensive...
  16. Eddie Jurak

    Jared Sullinger: What do we have here?

    Jared Sullinger's rate stats have taken a huge leap compared to last year.   As a rookie, he averaged 10.9 points and 10.7 rebounds per 36 minutes (though he played only 45 games and averaged under 20 minutes per game).   This year, he's at 19.5 points and 10.4 rebounds per 36.  He also leads...