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  1. Bowhemian

    Trade deadline

    You don't know that none us know what is going to happen. Surely someone here has an inside look at the future.
  2. Bowhemian

    Tonight: MFY@ Rays for 3. Who you rooting for?

    I love that the Yankees lost by 2 touchdowns. Couldn't happen to a better team.
  3. Bowhemian

    Pats Preseason Catch-All Thread

    One guy says that Cam had a really strong performance, one guy says that neither QB was good. Alllllllrighty then.
  4. Bowhemian

    Tonight: MFY@ Rays for 3. Who you rooting for?

    Why are you dragging Tom Brady into this?
  5. Bowhemian

    NFL announces new punishments for games that are PPD for covid next season

    I think he is saying that the question is not important, not the vaccine
  6. Bowhemian

    MLB Marketing (add it to the game-ruining list)

    I see a cowboy with a lasso
  7. Bowhemian

    7/20/21 @ Blue Jays - Richards vs Hatch - 7:07 pm

    Chung got busted in Meredith, NH I believe.
  8. Bowhemian

    7/21/21 @ Blue Jays - Richards vs Ray - 7:07 pm

    Happy to be wrong here.
  9. Bowhemian

    7/21/21 @ Blue Jays - Richards vs Ray - 7:07 pm

    After plating 13 runs the other day, plus this lineup, you can probably count on a 2-1 loss.
  10. Bowhemian

    Packers: Rodgers’ Chances of Returning to GB in Jeopardy!

    The Packers may have dodged a salary cap bullet by him declining that offer.
  11. Bowhemian

    Covid and the Olympics

    Not that it really matters, but "bubble broken" is not what they said. From the article: That said, I am of the opinion that it was a stupid idea to invite people from dozens of countries to one geographic area in the middle of a pandemic. That is just inviting a huge outbreak. And when those...
  12. Bowhemian

    Should MLB players compete at the Olympics?

    No. Let the kids (non-professional) play.
  13. Bowhemian

    NFL News and Transactions

    Thanks...I had read an early story but clearly it was wrong.
  14. Bowhemian

    Joe McDonald: Duran coming up

    I sure hope Duran has The Reflex(es) to be able to get to a ball hit towards the triangle in center.
  15. Bowhemian

    Spam email or real?

    It is hard to believe that people actually fall for these scams. The grammar is obviously horrific. So in the Obama email, the check will be delivered by Barack Obama by a delivery agent James Boomberg. So who is going to bring me the money, Obama or Boomberg? I do wonder how many people tried...
  16. Bowhemian

    NFL News and Transactions

    Without knowing any details, sounds like he got hammered, trashed the in-laws house for whatever reason, then he drove off and smashed his car. Is that the right sequence of events?
  17. Bowhemian

    7/10 Moore vs Perez

    I may never go to another game. Fail. Left after the 8th. That didn't work.
  18. Bowhemian

    7/10 Moore vs Perez

    I take full responsibility
  19. Bowhemian

    7/10 Moore vs Perez

    Yeah, I just figured out the last Sox game that I was at that they actually won was in 1993. They beat the A's I think.