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  1. JakeRae

    The Too Early Playoff Rotation Thread

    This topic is kind of a looming background to a lot of the Celtics conversation here so I thought it deserves its own thread. I considered making this a poll, but I think there are too many scenarios for a poll to do a good job of capturing. There are a few operative questions though: How many...
  2. JakeRae

    2019 MVP Race

    The NBA game thread has a lot of MVP race talk and I think it would be nice to give that it’s own dedicated thread for ongoing discussion of Davis v. Harden v. Lebron; why everyone thinks Giannis has improved when he’s the same player he was last year, and the year before; the return to...
  3. JakeRae

    How much of Australia do the Celtics need?

    They have about $15 million to spend to stay under the tax (I might be slightly off on that number). There is significant long term value in not paying tax this year, Rozier and Morris are both likely gone next year, and Smart and Baynes shouldn't cost more than $20 million combined.
  4. JakeRae

    Getting Smart with Statistics

    I thought it might be interesting to have a thread where we wrestle with how to quantify the impact of Marcus Smart. Smart seems like he has a consistently positive impact on winning. His on-off stats support that. But his traditional box score stats are bad and most advanced stats tend to...
  5. JakeRae

    2018 RoY Discussion

    We're getting to the point where there can be a real conversation on this topic and I thought it would be fun to start a thread, particularly since a Celtic is in the running this year. I think it's a 5 man race at this point. Simmons, Tatum, and Kuzma are probably the top 3 contenders with...
  6. JakeRae

    How many men in the rotation?

    I'm starting this thread to discuss the question of how the margins of the rotation are deployed. I think the preseason has shown that there is a clear group of 9 guys Brad is certain of as rotation players. The question then becomes how many other guys play real minutes on a healthy roster and...
  7. JakeRae

    Celtics 2017 Salary Cap

    There is a lot of discussion of potential moves for the Celtics this offseason in the wake of the NBA lottery. A lot of that discussion is without the essential framing of the actual viability of proposed pathways under the cap. This thread is intended as a brief primer on the current cap status...
  8. JakeRae

    The Warriors' Roster with Durant

    They still run 6 deep, assuming they keep Ezeli instead of Livingston, with both a big and a small ball lineup that are better than anyone else's. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of their deep depth guys from last year stick around too. But, in any event, in terms of quality NBA players...
  9. JakeRae

    Talk to me about tablets

    I'm considering buying a tablet. I don't really need a tablet. The purpose of this thread is twofold. First, tell me why I should buy a tablet or why buying a tablet is just a waste of my money. Second, if you think I should buy a tablet, offer me advice on which one. A little about me. I own a...
  10. JakeRae

    Office 365 Help

    I have a current license for Office 365 University. (Yes, I know, licenses suck, but the University one did not seem like a terrible deal, all things considered.) Starting yesterday, my Office programs seem to have de-activated themselves and are not accepting my Microsoft password to...