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  1. SoxinSeattle

    July 31 @ Tampa

    Et tu, Nate?
  2. SoxinSeattle

    2021 NHL Entry Draft

    I like that tweet a lot.
  3. SoxinSeattle

    Forecast Looks Good

    Over probably. Sad face emoji.
  4. SoxinSeattle

    7/17 - Eovaldi vs. Cole 7:05 @ toilet

    I thought we were calling the bidet since it's next door to the original toilet?
  5. SoxinSeattle

    ARod’s Shattered Dreams of Joining Boston

    Back then the board could crash after a regular season Trot Nixon RBI double.
  6. SoxinSeattle

    Bruins Offseason Thread

    They will bounce back but never be the same I would imagine. A friend of mine lost his first child at six months and many years later they have 3 healthy happy children.
  7. SoxinSeattle

    Bruins Offseason Thread

    God damn it. Devastating news. So sorry, David.
  8. SoxinSeattle

    6/22 vs Rays- ERod turns his season around with dominating performance ON THE 22ND!!!

    It went all the way to the backstop. If not for the bounce we'd be killing him for staying at third. But you're right. The safest play is to stay put.
  9. SoxinSeattle

    6/22 vs Rays- ERod turns his season around with dominating performance ON THE 22ND!!!

    They would never call that a block but it was. He went to that spot with his foot on purpose and then reached for the ball.
  10. SoxinSeattle

    Carl Nassib: 1st active NFL player to come out

    I hadn't thought of the power his nonchalant method could have. Good on you, Mr. Nassib. Go Raiders is something I never thought I would write.
  11. SoxinSeattle

    6/7 Isles @ Boston

    Hockey is the most brutally unfair and heart breaking sport.
  12. SoxinSeattle

    6/5 - Everything is Hall Right

    Tighten the vise or best of three? I vote the former. Let's Go!!!
  13. SoxinSeattle

    Bruins Round 2 Thread- New York Islanders

    I'm going to run through a fucking wall!
  14. SoxinSeattle

    5/23-Game 5 Bruins @ Capitals

    I hope they have vaccines waiting in the locker room.
  15. SoxinSeattle

    5/19- Game 3 Capitals @ Bruins

    I just learned the hard way not to trust Hulu to record the whole game. Went to fucking horse racing right after Marchand tied it. I guess it was better for my weak heart to miss OT. Let's win Friday.
  16. SoxinSeattle

    5/15 - Hall Aboard the Playoff Train

    Trading surges here. Come on hockey gods. Let the good guys get one.