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  1. Light-Tower-Power

    5/22 - R1G1 - No Sleep til Brooklyn

    On May 30, 2021, the Boston Celtics will host G4 against Brooklyn at a "near full capacity" TD Garden. That will mark the first time the Garden has rocked for the Celtics since March 8, 2020. Steal this game. Make things interesting. Give that crowd an extra reason to rock like it hasn't rocked...
  2. Light-Tower-Power

    5/18 PLAY IN Gamethread

    I can't take it anymore. 12:30 on the day of the biggest game of the year and there is no game thread. Yeah, this season sucks. Yeah, the play in sucks. But the hell with all that. We have one of the best players in the league, a high scoring PG who spent the whole year resting for these games...
  3. Light-Tower-Power

    5/11 vs. Heat

    I've started a bunch of game threads this year, but hey, someone has to do it. 5,000 at the Garden tonight and the pressure is off now that JB is out for the year. Play loose, play hard, and see what happens.
  4. Light-Tower-Power

    4/19 vs. CHI

    No letdown game. Keep the streak alive.
  5. Light-Tower-Power

    4/17 vs. GSW

    I’m starting to get the green teamer tingles. Keep it rolling.
  6. Light-Tower-Power

    4/15 at LAL

    I’m surprised but very happy to still be starting threads. Crush LA.
  7. Light-Tower-Power

    4/13 at POR

    Pleasantly surprised to be starting this thread. Keep the train rolling.
  8. Light-Tower-Power

    4/11 at DEN

    I’ll be watching the Masters, but win anyway.
  9. Light-Tower-Power

    4/9 vs. MIN

    Should be an easy W before a tough road trip.
  10. Light-Tower-Power

    4/7 vs. NYK

    Someone had to start the thread. Let's see what kind of bullshit we get tonight.
  11. Light-Tower-Power

    3/19 vs. Kings

    Time to scout Harrison Barnes.
  12. Light-Tower-Power

    2/17 vs. Hawks

    Back to the normal 7:30 tip. Harass the Hawks!
  13. Light-Tower-Power

    2/16 vs. Nuggets

    7 pm tip tonight. Stop sucking.
  14. Light-Tower-Power

    How Many Regular Season Games do the Celtics Win?

    We did this last year, but I don't see a poll for it this year. Remember they're 2-2 as of this opening post and it's only a 72 game season. My vote is for a somewhat disappointing 41-45, then a second round playoff exit. I think we're too low on scoring in a conference with several high powered...