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  1. BostonFanInCanesLand

    5/11 Hallt and Catch Fire. Regular Season finale part 2. At W@$# (Current home of F#ck T** W*****)

    Taylor Hall is pretty good at this hockey thing. And he seems to like it in Boston. So let’s keep a good thing going. The Bruins play the team from the district tonight in a game that has little purpose. It does, however, mark the beginning of the end for Washington. Why? Simply put...
  2. BostonFanInCanesLand

    5/10 Hall of a way to end the regular season, part 1. Home finale vs. NYI.

    The playoffs await. What better time for Kase to break the seal and score his first goal as a Bruin? It’s time to smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em. Win please. Oh, and stay healthy!