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  1. Ed Hillel

    Judge Orders Unsealing of 2017 MLB Letter to Yankees Regarding Alleged Yankees Sign Stealing

    Oh dear...
  2. Ed Hillel

    David Ortiz on the mend: shooting and recovery

    Anyone Spanish speakers update us?
  3. Ed Hillel

    All Along the Hightower

    One quick observation - I think we might be nearing new thread territory to discuss Hightower, because something seems seriously wrong. After the first play, he had two tackles, was moving like a sloth, and appeared to be avoiding contact. Here’s one example I noticed in the highlights, which I...
  4. Ed Hillel

    Pats reportedly trade for Cordarrelle Patterson

    Of all places, Barstool is claiming the Pats have traded for Cordarrelle Patterson.
  5. Ed Hillel

    Pats sign Jeremy Hill

    Signing Jeremy Hill, too. I like him.
  6. Ed Hillel

    Rapsheet: McDaniels to Take Colts Job

    High risk, high reward, I suppose.
  7. Ed Hillel

    It Comes!

  8. Ed Hillel

    Well Done: Cooks' Season One in NE

    Lame thread title, I know, but on to more important things... Malcolm...Go?
  9. Ed Hillel

    Hire Clode (Montreal Canadiens Edition)

  10. Ed Hillel

    Tony Dungy: We Stole Signals, Everyone Steals Signals

    Since I know other threads will get sidetracked, I figured we can separate and #BringBackSpygate #MSGA You know, what pisses me off is that he is both completely correct and also a complete weasel and coward for blowing it up the way he has for years. He never admitted to stealing signals and...
  11. Ed Hillel

    Durant to Warriors

    Warriors it is :(
  12. Ed Hillel

    NBA Lottery Game Thread

    Win today.
  13. Ed Hillel

    Watching the Jones: Dazed & Confused

    Lost 2 more receivers tonight. I presume Dobson's done, so let's post about Danny's knee injury, huzzah!
  14. Ed Hillel

    2015 Patriots 53-man Roster & Practice Squad Watch

    I wasn't sure where to put this, and saw no training camp thread, so why not start one. So maybe Easley is the answer to our problems in the secondary? Is there a smaller interior DT in the league? link to tweet
  15. Ed Hillel

    NFL Superstar Blows Fingers Off with Fireworks Game Thread
  16. Ed Hillel

    BB to Butler: Get a Clue

    So Butler is not hurt and not holding out. What's going on?