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  1. Reverend

    David Ortiz Grabs the Mic: SB’s #3 of the Decade

    How did we not have a thread for this already?
  2. Reverend

    Tik-Tok: Why??

    Why did people need a new video app for smart phones that already do video? I honestly can’t figure out why people are using it. Or what it offers people sichbthat they use it, or any certain types of people use it. Or any of it really. Little help?
  3. Reverend

    Week 7 NFL Game Thread: We’re on to the AFCCG Preview.

    So will we find out who Kansas City is? Should I be rooting for Denver? That seems distasteful. And then there are all those other games too.
  4. Reverend

    AUCTION ITEM: MDC's red socks (worn)

    I won the right to post, this, so here it is: Manny Delcarmen will wear a pair of red socks for a workout and the winner will receive them. This item is very unique, which is a phrase I usually do not like but employing it here; not all unique things are similarly as rare as this. Let the...
  5. Reverend

    AUCTION ITEM: Paper "Work-Up"

    I will do a professional work-up of any paper under 20 pages. This includes multiple "turns" where I return the paper to you (or the person of your choice) with extensive mark-ups and comments. I won't edit it or rewrite it for you, but I will help improve the paper. I have extensive experience...
  6. Reverend

    No Game Today

    I can't be the only one who keeps messing the schedule up and being disappointed--more than disappointed, unmoored and adrift in an unstructured and uncertain future. And if I am, this thread will die.
  7. Reverend

    Manager's Discretion

    So, I went looking to bump a Cora thread and realized the ole rule about if it's hard to find, start a new one. So, what do we think about Cora's ejection here? It seems pretty intentional, so I wanted to hear what people thought about it and what he's doing or... Well, I wanna hear the stuff...
  8. Reverend

    "The Pride of Hyde Park"'s Sports Education Initiative: Boston Athletic Academy

    So, I've become associated with what could be the SoSHiest initiative since @jose melendez conspired to send a truck around Africa spreading awareness about the Red Sox (and also fighting HIV). Basically, the Pride of Hyde Park, Red Sox World Series Champion and all around swell guy, Manny...
  9. Reverend

    Scar Even at age 70, Scarnecchia is not done with coaching.
  10. Reverend

    SBLII: BBtL Pre-Game Show: Post Your Vids

    Pre-game shows suck. SoSH does the best job out there posting quality links and videos. So post your best Patriots videos here and we can gather them in one place and we can all revel in Patriots glory rather than watching the nonsense on the broadcasts.
  11. Reverend

    When the Patriots have the ball...

    I think MMSP has the right idea here, but I'm not seeing the paired thread. First off, we know the perennial question: How well does Atlanta rush the passer with four? Also, I haven't seen much of the Falcons, but my understanding is they run a zone. We also Brady does well against zone. But...
  12. Reverend

    ITP's Mark Schofield on Arcand & Sheppard (ESPN NH) ~4ish PM Today

    One of ITP's and BbtL's favorite sons, Mark Schofield, will be on with Christian Arcand and Pete Sheppard on ESPN NH radio this afternoon around 4pm.   Listen live here or on the ESPN Radio or Tunein apps on mobile.   Should be fun. Well, maybe. What do I know?   Feel free to treat this as a...
  13. Reverend

    Working with Pedro: A Q&A with Mike Silverman

    OK, so Mike Silverman graciously answered our questions about working with Pedro Martinez in co-authoring their book, Pedro, and we've published them online here:Q&A with Mike Silverman on Working with Pedro.   Great thanks to Mike, and we encourage you to post additional comments and questions...
  14. Reverend

    The Book of Pedro: Q&A with Mike Silverman

    Mike Silverman of the Boston Herald (@MikeSilvermanBB), who worked with Pedro to produce his memoir, has kindly agreed to do a Q&A with us about co-writing a book about--and, significantly, with--Pedro.     We pretty much assume you're all going to buy the book and keep it under your pillows...
  15. Reverend

    Revis NEWS ONLY Thread: Zero Tolerance

    Just news. No rumors. No speculation. No fake tweets. Zero tolerance upon pain of suspension--the Lester shit got old.   Think the beacon fires for news of the war in Troy.
  16. Reverend

    Suck it, David Tyree: Patriots Support Gay Marriage

    The fourth ring makes it easier to write that.   Here Are The 379 Companies Urging The Supreme Court To Support Same-Sex Marriage   I was wondering about putting this in V&N, but I'm frankly less interested in the politics of same-sex marriage here than I am in why a sports team would throw in...
  17. Reverend

    Chat Off!! Friday: Baltimore Beatdown & FootballCentral

    Some of you may have heard that there is to be a contest of strength, skill, and cunning this Saturday on the gridiron of New England against a team from Baltimore who's name I shall not now quoth.   In anticipation for this tilt, we have arranged a collaborative Q&A whereby Matthew Stevens...
  18. Reverend

    Andrew Luck: The NFL’s Most Perplexing Trash Talker - WSJ

    Andrew Luck: The NFL’s Most Perplexing Trash Talker The Colts Quarterback Drives Defenders Crazy by Offering Compliments; Head Games or Genuine Kindness?   This is hilarious.       Some of the guys at my high school would do something like this sometimes at basketball games; they'd get the...
  19. Reverend

    The Ground Game: Searching for Market Inefficiencies

    Obviously, everyone knows about ground ball pitchers. I'm wondering, though, if the recent signings suggest that the Red Sox are trying to gain value by targeting below-top tier pitchers with a specific ground ball defense strategy.   I wondered this when, looking at the last three starting...
  20. Reverend

    30th Anniversary of Hail Flutie

    30th Anniversary of Hail Flutie   My favorite part: