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  1. begranter

    Red Sox sign Enrique Hernandez (2 years, 14 mil)

    It'd be interesting to know what the standard deviation and distribution of this type of calculation is. That would probably be a more useful understanding of value delivered vs the average.
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    Can we talk about Jacob deGrom?

    He had lat inflammation and discomfort that caused him to miss 3 starts and hit the IL in May. As an injury that's notoriously difficult to gauge level of recovery and health until you get into a game, they were easing him back in. More recently he's been dealing with shoulder discomfort that...
  3. begranter

    Jarren Duran

    Looking at some of the metrics (all per Fangraphs) around the batted ball profiles a few things stand out at an admittedly surface level analysis: 38.5% HR/FB - No way this is sustainable, even with the adjustments in his swing. MLB average is usually right under 10%. For reference, '02-'07...
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    6/5 - Everything is Hall Right

    PK suffers a lot with no Carlo. Any McAvoy penalty will be an especially tough 2 minutes to kill. Stay out of the box and I think you have a chance to close it out Monday. Go Bs!
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    Bruins Round 2 Thread- New York Islanders

    Technically shooting the puck over the glass on purpose was always a delay of game penalty, but it was never called. They removed the intent part of the rule to make it black and white. In order to make a point about officiating the rules that have been made black and white are not really...
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    How often do you visit

    Probably just for playoffs the way NBCS is now (aside from the odd Saturday/Sunday matinee Wednesday rivalry games, assuming they keep the same structure). Ultimately the Bruins are on NESN so it's a matter of finagling that rather than ESPN. Isn't NESN technically an ESPN affiliate or...
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    How often do you visit

    Never, and don't watch it either. Now that my AL-Only fantasy league has moved to another provider, I have no reason to go there anymore. Always had disdain for ESPN dating back to when they bumped the NHL link to the "Other Sports" in favor of NASCAR and MMA. That NFL and NBA coverage dominates...
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    Cord Already Cut - Which/How Many Streaming Subs Do You Have and Why?

    I pay about $25/month, which I get 5% cash back for and share with my nuclear family across the globe: Spotify Premium, Family plan (~$16/month) SiriusXM (~$6/month via annual renegotiation) PS Plus (~$2/month via recurring sales) Parents pay for: Netflix YTTV PBS Membership Brother pays for...
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    Maybe the Red Sox are good?

    Thank you for the modicum of reality here. Sale will not be a positive contributor to the 2021 Red Sox season. It just doesn't happen with guys coming back from UCL surgery. It takes at least 6 months after getting back into game action for pitchers to begin to approach their former capabilities...
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I've had better luck when I stream from rather than the NESN android app (same log-in). Still not great, skips here and there, some weird distortions, but largely it's a cohesive stream. My App experience, casting to the TV, was consistently horrendous. On a slight tangent, the thing...
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Does anyone else use an Android TV and notice that the user experience changed significantly within the last week? I'm missing (functionally and emotionally) the in-game scoreboard/lineup/box score and the ability to jump to specific half innings by navigating on the box score.
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    Finding and Highlighting Data in Google Sheets

    Put the list of Isaac's order numbers on another tab, write "Isaac" in the column to the right (better yet use this for all your orders and do all your employees at once -- if you have a master sheet then this would take just about a minute), and do a =vlookup(A2,Range of Isaac's Orders and next...
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    Spring Training 2021

    Garrett Richards is who we have to get excited about? He with a 106 career ERA+ entering his age 33 season, and a total of less than 200 innings thrown over the last 5 season? Yikes. I like ERod as much as anyone, but to expect he'll be 2019 ERod without having pitched in a year is very...
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    LeBron James to join FSG as full partner and become part owner of the Red Sox(among other FSG entities)

    LeBron is a lot of things, and plenty of them are unlikeable. Being a dumbass is not one of them. Him "posturing" isn't either. So what are you really trying to say?
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    The Athletic: Poll on hypothetical, proposed trade for John Collins

    I don't see the Celtics as competitors this year. Brown and Tatum aren't there yet IMO. They look like the 24 and 22 year olds they are on the court against most teams. If there are any trades this year, I think they're more along the lines of moving pieces to contenders with an eye to future...
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    Red Sox sign Marwin Gonzalez (1 year, 3 mil)

    This is a fine signing as long as everyone keeps their expectations in check, say a .235ish hitter. Unless Cora figures out a way to steal signs again, that is.
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    PTBNLs named in Benintendi/Cordero trade

    Yeah but...
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    PTBNLs named in Benintendi/Cordero trade

    The Royals do have a lot of pitching in the upper minors. As someone who likes Benintendi on a lot of levels, some of them irrational, this could make a lot of sense.