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    Need a Financial Services Web Dev

    Have a project that involves building an intake channel for new clients with as much automation as possible. Platform would be multimedia content-rich, have multiple CRM integrations, integration with forms and paperwork, automated scheduling, and some other pieces as well. Security a major...
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    2016 Duke Football - Better Than Notre Dame

    How much will we lose to Virginia by?
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    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    Brady suspension reinstated.
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    The ITP Mock War Room Draft

    We've put together a podcast project over at ITP that we are rolling out over the next six weeks. We went out and grabbed experts on each of the 32 teams, and allowed them to assemble a front office from people they know in the media, former players, former coaches, and pretty much whoever they...
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    Mark Schofield's First Book

    Have some exciting news to announce, as Mark has been working on his first book for the last three months. We have received proof copies this week and expect to have it ready for publication early next week barring any unforeseen circumstances. 17 Drives - College Football's 2015 Season, One...
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    Stephen Gostkowski's Long-Distance Kicking

    Thought you guys would like to get a look at this. Broke down both of Gostkowski's 54-yard attempts this year - the made one against the NYG, the missed one against BUF.
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    Offensive Success Rate (OSR) Stats

    New item up on Inside the Pylon, as we've partnered with Mike Backherms to display his Offensive Success Rate (OSR) data. Long and short of it is that it measures how often an offense picks up the yardage needed to continue moving the chains. So it measures how often teams pick up 50% of the...
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    Norwooding the Extra Point: Myth or Reality, and its impact through 64 games

    Thought this might be a good place to dump this given the talk about kickers over the last week.
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    Soldering On? (Or On to Johnson?)

    If legitimate interest, it signals one of two things - one of Revis and Browner won't be back, or there's progress on a Solder extension (which I'm not really in favor of).
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    Placekicking Technique

    Thought I would drop this out here, as I'm going to be building this into a series on kicking technique. This is the first piece that gives an overview of the major technique components, but I'm going to be digging into things in more detail over the next 6-8 weeks.  ...
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    Wild Card Weekend Special Teams Previews

    In case you wanted to know how bad Carolina's punt unit is or how good Pittsburgh's return team is. It's all here.
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    Tavon Austin's House Call    
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    The Vikings Block Party    
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    Chuck's College Special Teams Fun Zone

    In an effort to streamline the posting of articles, I'm going to condense all of my college articles into one thread here so there is a central thread to avoid clutter. In the unlikely event that this turns into a mega-thread, this will change.
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    Florida State's Special Teams Disaster    
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    Uncle Deni Was A Notre Dame Football Fan

    Would love if you all could take a minute or two to take a read through this when you get a chance.  My uncle was an absolutely great guy, and writing this helped me to put at least some measure of closure on the fact that he isn't around anymore.  ...
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    Cardinals Flunk Basic Math: The Seahawks Punt Block  
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    The Chicago Bears Flawless Kickoff Return    
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    The Sproles Punt Return: One Block to Fool Them All    
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    Crowder, House: Duke's Dynamic Returner