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  1. ElUno20

    2020-2021 Betting Thread

    Just wanted a placeholder here. We have at least one saint who blessed us through the playoffs. While I'll be watching as little nba as possible (f the lakers) this season, i cant say i wont be laying money. Also, please heed his advice and look into live betting. Not just nba, all sports...
  2. ElUno20

    Clippers Thread: Just Be Healthy in April

    Just a place to park clippers specific thoughts. I'm not sure why they're top title contenders. I dont see PG staying healthy and Kawhi's game management is going to be tough to navigate in the West. If, big if, they can be healthy in April, we'll see. It'd also be nice if they got anything...
  3. ElUno20

    Wins Pool

    Looking to setup a wins pool/league this season. Has anyone done this? Is there a site you've used?
  4. ElUno20

    Offseason Thread Summer 2019

    For non-Al Horford news. There's a nba internet war going on right now between raptors & lakers fans and Woj. The synopsis is they think he's been paid by the clippers to put out bullshit. Whatever the case, the growing belief is the Lakers are actually in play for Kawhi. Someone talk me off...
  5. ElUno20

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    Hope you guys dont mind me starting this for us to log our ramblings. Time to get your rest, have a nice long stretch, and get ready for the marathon known as the NBA playoffs. Can this also serve as the gambling thread? HRB is with me on the thunder plus money in game one and -135 for the...
  6. ElUno20

    Playoff Game Thread

    Volkswagen just ran an ad with a spoof on people repeatedly phcking in cars as they level up kids. Wtf? On day time ABC Oh yeah and the Cavs can't stop Paul George but LeBron is also unstoppable so it'll probably work out for them today
  7. ElUno20

    General Playoff Thread: The Long 2nd Season

    Doesn't look like there is one to discuss non-Celtic and non-GSW historic run. Games start tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. A few interesting matchups but I don't see any upset potentia. Maybe Carlisle can outcoach Donovan a couple times but I can't see okc blowing it.
  8. ElUno20

    Recording Skype Call

    This has proven to be more difficult than I would have imagined. I need to record the audio of a Skype call, preferably into Audacity. Does anyone know a simple way to do this? I have a PC and a Mac so I'll go with whichever way is easier.