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    File Extension Help (PC)

    Use dashes instead of dots in your naming if you're going to have a date reference in the file name.
  2. LoweTek

    Alex Cora-- what do we have here? Perhaps the best manager in baseball.

    No offense to any individual poster here but I believe speculation about Cora and Bloom not being on the same page, not discussing, brainstorming, deciding roster moves together, etc. is way off. There is no doubt in my mind while Bloom may have the final say due to lux tax or other ownership...
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    And I made no such suggestion.
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Dick Stuart was known as " Dr. Strangeglove." Dick Radatz was "The Monster."
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Your sarcasm meter failed.
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Forgot all about this one.
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    Cord Already Cut - Which/How Many Streaming Subs Do You Have and Why?

    Got Premium 4k Netflix for a $9 plus up on my T-Mobile bill today. If you are T-Mobile, I recommend looking into it. I was paying $20 per month.
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    How did you discover SoSH?

    I think it was the (January 2004) fantasy camp, I was welcoming Sam Horn the first night because he was a "rookie" as it was his first time as a pro at the camp and I had been attending almost 10 years. He starts telling me about "his" website. In those days lots of people promoted websites. I...
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    Sports Cards Mania

    If anybody is looking for 60s, 70,s 80,s or 90's era Red Sox cards, send me your wish list. I might have the card. Name a player or specific card. I think I have all the 65 Topps Red Sox, old school flag with green border, all in the 7-9 range. I might have most or all of the '68 Red Sox Topps...
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    ARod’s Shattered Dreams of Joining Boston

    No doubt A-Rod was the better SS but two pouters is better than one!
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    ARod’s Shattered Dreams of Joining Boston

    I hated the deal at the time. I recognized his skills but always thought ARod was the definition of entitled a-hole. He was insufferable and I didn't want him anywhere near the Red Sox. I still feel the same way about him. He should do more mirror self-kiss pics. It defines him well. As I...
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    Thank You, Jackie Bradley Jr.

    I noted a number of plays in CF JBJ would have likely made which were not made by various occupiers of the position. I'm not arguing it makes up entirely for lack of plate production but his absence is definitely noticeable out there. He knew how to play CF at Fenway.
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    2021 US Open- Torrey Pines

    I felt bad for Rory. His putter just abandoned him.
  14. LoweTek

    First time baseball coach

    How old were these kids again? 8U?
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    2021 US Open- Torrey Pines

    IME, most show-off braggart types are all insecure at their core. I don't care for the guy, honestly.
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    First time baseball coach

    Glad you told us about your season and success. I feel like I along with the other experienced coaches helped a little (I hope). Congrats.
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    On the road to Omaha

    USF. UCF and USF are a rivalry. UCF did not make it to the dance.
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    Bruins Round 2 Thread- New York Islanders

    I don't watch a lot of regular season hockey but I've watched every game of this series. I'm an old goaltender so I'm a bit predisposed not to blame Rask. He surely allowed a few softies but he also bailed the guys out of a ton of mistakes. Goaltending aside, I thought the Bruins looked awful...
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    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    I would think the 40 man would be opened up by not resigning several of the guys on one year deals. They are not exactly lighting it up out there. Hard to believe Downs for example, is not at least as serviceable defensively as the players sent out there this year.
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    Computer freezes and now D: Drive goes missing.

    Replace the D: drive permanently would be my suggestion. Also, six years is a pretty good run. You may want to consider a replacement.