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  1. doldmoose34

    How did you discover SoSH?

    Simmons… but way before the Schill Theo sit down. I’d discovered him on Digital City Boston as BSG when he was funny and shitting on everyone. I even made his mailbag a few times as Mosi.. this has to be ‘01 or so… he mentioned SoSH, I checked it out and 20’fucking years later here I am
  2. doldmoose34

    2021 Golf Thread

    Ripley, Moose, Booger
  3. doldmoose34

    2021 Golf Thread

    Don’t know why pic posted twice, must’ve been the Lone Star we were drinking
  4. doldmoose34

    2021 Golf Thread

    3 noted asshats had an enjoyable day hockeying it around Widows yesterday.. no FYI Matty hits the shit out of the ball
  5. doldmoose34

    Bruins/Caps 1st Round

  6. doldmoose34

    2021 Golf Thread

    I should’ve posted this earlier but where the ‘Walk doesn’t open until this Thursday, last Monday a few of us regulars took a road trip to South Shore for well My 1st round of the season. I bogeyed 1, birdied 2&3... anyway I’m playing great because I had no anticipation of playing good. I’m on...
  7. doldmoose34

    2020-21 College Hockey thread

    The game yesterday was a replay of the BC UML Playoff game. We get a lead, even 1-0 and the other team comes out shooting the fucking puck all the time from All angles. I don’t know what wrong, but the usual late season runs have been missing since Cavanaugh left for Yukon and Greg Brown went to...
  8. doldmoose34

    2021 PGA Tour

    you know its a shit field when there is a Hunter Mahan sighting, not to mention Sean O'Hair and former Golf Channel on course reporter Matt Gogel, just truned 50 and ready for the $$ on senior tour
  9. doldmoose34

    Real Life Fantasy Golf - Following Rob

    Rob was E t0iday at Spyglass, while Pebble was laying down nice and calm... but sounds like typical Crosby weather is coming tomorrow
  10. doldmoose34

    2021 Golf Thread

    re: Bags.. I had a Ping Hoofer that I loved walked with it so much that the strap built into the top of the bag ripped. replaced that with a Callaway Stand that I also ended up pulling the strap off at the top, at least this o.e was attached to a ring that I was able to screw in. I'm now using a...
  11. doldmoose34

    2020 Golf Thread

    My end of season index last year was 13.9.. that wasn’t quite right because at the end of the season I posted a 40, not knowing the guy who’d kept score for the day had also posted it. My goal this year was make it legit! I had a real bad stretch for maybe 3 weeks in July where I almost lost my...
  12. doldmoose34

    2020 Golf Thread

    Another great day on the links, 6 pars, 3 bogeys. I was even on the 5th tee when two couples playing behind up came up to tee (it was slow) it’s a short par 4, ob left jail on right side and forced carry in front. I hit my 5 hybrid deep down the middle of fairway and was walking to my cart while...
  13. doldmoose34

    2020 Boston College Football.Give it Haf a Chance

    The unsung hero of the waiver is former BC soccer player, and more importantly friend of me and Bernie, BCDee. She started the #FreeJurk and kept tweeting media, NCAA and that French school... did it help? Who really knows but she kept it on their feeds many times a day
  14. doldmoose34

    2020 PGA Tour

    TFP, I've been listening to No Laying UP podcast for a few years now, guys are funny but know the game.. it helps that their home course is Jax Beach in Fla where my brother plays out of. I've actually texted back and forth a few times with Icrito and Big Randy and have an invite to play with...
  15. doldmoose34

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    all I know is I stumbled on the Death Defying Diving last night, which I thought was the World Belly Flop championship last night and I was hooked
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    2020 Golf Thread

    Holy Shit, these people at International make Faxon's group sound like boy scouts speaking of Faxon's group, GolfWorld has great indepth article on Met
  17. doldmoose34

    2020 Golf Thread

    Faxon was on No Laying Up a while back talking about 'saving the club he grew up on' Just read the articles about the sale, his group sounds like bigger assholes then the guy in Tenn buying up all the hand sanatizer
  18. doldmoose34

    2020 Golf Thread

    I agree with what Lomb said, I got a Taylor Made RBZ maybe a year and half after it first come out, I think Rocket Ballz Stage 2 was that years new model, Think i paid around $150
  19. doldmoose34

    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    god theyve been so many, like most of you, Francona, Lynn, Fisk, Burelson and the one that pissed me off the most Bernie Carbo
  20. doldmoose34

    2019 Boston College Football

    Dave Sheridan, mo relation to our old DC, reports he is enrolled now we need that waiver