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  1. Rocco Graziosa

    Survivor Pool. $20 entry fee, winner takes all!!

    So I set up a survival pool.  You pick one team each week to win.  If they win, you move on.....if they lose you are buybacks. Once you have used a team, you can't use that team again.  No point spread involved, just pick the winner.  Here is the info:     Hello, Welcome to...
  2. Rocco Graziosa

    Jacksonity......or the Knick thread

    Two years clearing the deck for Lebron and nothing. Where the fuck do they go from here? The max deal for Stoudemire is nice.......I guess. I root for the Knicks because I have fallen in love with Clyde Frasire and enjoy watching their games but at first glace they seem totally fucked right...