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  1. kanga12

    Baseball Drills (Covid-19 Version)

    First of all, I can't believe it's already been 6+ years since I first started coaching/managing a Little League team. I still remember when I first started out how much help you all were in getting me ready with all your tips, drills, advice, etc. back when I started at the t-ball level. Over...
  2. kanga12

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    Any news/updates on injuries or status of Xander, Nunez, Moreland, etc.? My biggest concern from the marathon game last night/this morning is how these guys bounce back or recover physically...Xander definitely seemed like he was grimacing at some of his at-bats...
  3. kanga12

    Chelsea Favreau Scholarship Auction Item - Fenway Photo

    Let's bump this up -- $150.
  4. kanga12

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    That IT interview sounded even worse in contrast to the KD interview several weeks back.
  5. kanga12

    2016 College Football Week 3: In which Miami goes to Appalachia

    ...and Texas had no timeouts left.
  6. kanga12

    LL Hitting Drills

    Yeah, for a couple of players we have them choking up on the bat a bit. It's hilarious, one kid has this bright neon orange bat with flames on it and every single player wants to hit with it -- even though it's too long for many of the rest of the team... Good tip. Will try this out.
  7. kanga12

    LL Hitting Drills

    Thanks fellas -- this is all helpful. I think for a couple of players it may be the weight of the bat -- they don't have any difficulty swinging through when hitting plastic balls but it does seem like when they hit the game balls they don't follow through as PaulinMyrBch noted.
  8. kanga12

    LL Hitting Drills

    The kids are 5-7.
  9. kanga12

    LL Hitting Drills

    After a fun season coaching t-ball last year (much of it due to all your advice and suggestions), I've moved up to coaching coach-pitch this season. One thing I've noticed is that some of our players are not swinging all the way through -- I think much of it is they are just trying to make...
  10. kanga12

    2016 NBA Draft

    Coming into the tournament, Brown was not playing well: 3/11: 3-17, 12 points against Utah (Pac-12 Tournament) 3/10: 1-6, 8 points against Oregon State w/ 6 turnovers (Pac-12 Tournament) 3/5: 3-10, 10 points against Arizona State 3/3: 2-9, 5 points against Arizona. Fouled out of the game...
  11. kanga12

    NCAA College Football: Week 6 Discussion

    Battle of the only undefeated Pac-12 teams left between Cal (#23) at Utah (#5)
  12. kanga12

    First time LL Manager (T-ball) - Help Me!

    So we have about 4 more weeks left of the season.  Can't believe how fast it's been!   We started coach-pitching about 3 weeks ago and about half of our players are able to hit coach-pitching consistently while the other half are able to but not as consistently -- but it's been exciting to see...
  13. kanga12

    First time LL Manager (T-ball) - Help Me!

    So we had our first practice this week. Many of the parents thought I was a veteran coach -- much thanks to Big Al and all your advice!   Overall I couldn't be happier with our first practice -- all the kids were engaged throughout the different blocks (warmup/stretching, throwing, catching...
  14. kanga12

    First time LL Manager (T-ball) - Help Me!

    Thanks Beerabelli for the link. This is helpful. Also thanks Fred not Lynn for the Big Al training recommendation. I went to it last night and feel 100x more ready to plan and run a practice. We have our first practice next week!
  15. kanga12

    First time LL Manager (T-ball) - Help Me!

    Good stuff -- keep 'em coming, fellas.   So in our league for t-ball, games last 3 innings where each team gets to have the full lineup bat.  And they recommended the "Beerabelli" batting order system.   In practices, how much do you actually use regulation t-balls vs. tennis balls vs. plastic...
  16. kanga12

    First time LL Manager (T-ball) - Help Me!

      Thanks -- I am planning on checking it out!   Also found out my league is putting on a workshop for managers/coaches in the coming week so hopefully that'll be helpful and I can also commiserate and learn with other rookies.   This has been very helpful.  I'm getting less anxious and more...
  17. kanga12

    First time LL Manager (T-ball) - Help Me!

    This is super-helpful.  Thanks everyone for the input and suggestions -- as well as specific drills I can use.    I just found out from the coordinator that I'll have 9 players on my team which seems like a nice manageable number. I get the list of parents and their emails soon and will...
  18. kanga12

    First time LL Manager (T-ball) - Help Me!

    I'll be managing a t-ball (ages 4-6) team for the first time this season. At this point I don't how many players will be on our team or what's the range of skill level for the players.  I've started looking online for different practice/drills that might be suitable for this age/level.  I'm...
  19. kanga12

    Wicked Smart: Celtics select Marcus Smart with No. 6 pick

      Here's the video highlights of Smart's defense against Wiggins (link)