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  1. OCST

    Game week 24 game thread

    Surprised more of youze aren’t up for Pool-Leicester. Foxes are a solid unit. Six pointer for the Reds here.
  2. OCST

    1/23-24 game thread : FA Cup & misc

    Southampton about to bounce Arsenal, 1-0 in stoppage time. Arsenal OG (Gabriel)
  3. OCST

    GW19 game thread

    Attacking juggernaut WBA up 1-0 on Wolves after a very iffy penalty (iffy because I don’t think he was in the box)
  4. OCST

    Week 13: Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

    Wolves- Chelsea. 0-0 at the half. Zouma just got a ridiculous vertical leap to head a ball right off the crossbar.
  5. OCST

    Week 11 - time for some socially distanced aggro

    Fans back, in very small numbers, in some parks but not all, no away fans, no singing. Everton with another weird lineup due to the absence of both fullbacks. Carlo had natural RB, Kenny, and LB, Nkonkou, as well as a very good looking young winger, Gordon, but they’re not even in the 18...
  6. OCST

    10/17 - 10/18 Gamethread: Adversary Cross The Mersey

    Giggity. Is this the day the Coyote finally catches the Road Runner at Goodison? Which shaky keeper will throw the ball into his own net? SFiC, you getting up at 4:30 for this one?
  7. OCST

    Everton 20/21: The Little Girl With the Curl-o

    For the past few years, I've started this thread with a burst of enthusiasm over Everton having won the transfer window, a projection of earning a place in Europe, and an altogether un-Evertonian sparkle. Of course, as the days would get shorter, the winds would get colder, the festive period...
  8. OCST

    Game week 2 game thread

    Everton - West Brom in the early game Brom up after early goal Everton poo WHA kits hideous
  9. OCST

    2020/21 Premier League Prediction Thread: It's That Time Again

    You know how we do. Let's have at it. And let's pray that COVID doesn't trouble us, here and in more important things. 1. Liverpool. Some concern about fatigue and title hangover, but they're here based on the strength of their back four. No other contender can match it. 2. ManU. A full...
  10. OCST

    Match week 32 gamethread

    Villa keeper just did a Carly Rae Jepsen first pitch on a routine throw. Fell right to Jota who had the whole net but blasted over the bar.
  11. OCST

    2/28 - 3/1 game weekend

    Friday afternoon footy - Leicester being held at arm's length by Norwich. Foxes had a goal taken away by VAR for handball (good call IMO). Then some dude named Jamal Lewis hits a blammo for the Canaries. 1-0 Norwich at 72'. First goal in open play in 11 hours for Norwich.
  12. OCST

    2/22-2/23 action

    Chelsea lead Spurs after a blammo from forgotten man Giroud
  13. OCST

    12/21-22 game week

    Morning! Toffees and Gooners with the early game. Ancelotti done deal, he’s in the house.
  14. OCST

    12/7-8! Game thread

    After a nightmare week, my Toffees, with club legend and Daniel Craig doppelgänger Duncan Ferguson prowling the touch line, improbably up 1-0 over Chelsea off the proverbial thumping header from Richy
  15. OCST

    11/8 - 11/10 game thread

    Watford beat Norwich yesterday. They were the only team in the Football League and in the top five European leagues without a win. Chelsea look bright at Pslace. Pusilic is dangerous. I always say this, I love Palace kits with the sash. Our dog got spayed yesterday and is sleeping with the...
  16. OCST

    l'affaire Vardy, a/k/a WAGatha Christie

    This is tremendous - not least of which because random American blogs and celebrity magazines are trying to explain who Jamie Vardy is. Coleen Rooney, wife to Wayne (he of the frequent philandering, including while drunk behind the wheel of his erstwhile mistress whom he's known for less than a...
  17. OCST

    Everton 2019/20: Guess Who’s Back

    The latest SoSH installment of "fan of mid-table team talks to himself." Interesting times for the Toffees. We'll start with a recap of last season, which divides into three sections. Weeks 1-13: Good Day Sunshine 6W 4D 3L. 22/39 pts. Good results: LEI 1-2 eve; CHE 0-0 eve Bad results: eve...
  18. OCST

    8/31 - 9/1 PL Gamethread - Week 4

    Utd up by a goal at Southampton at the half. Utd look shaky at the back, Saints have looked occasionally dangerous but don't have a spark. James with the goal. Third in four games. Kid looks good. Still not sold on the Red Devils, sum is less than the whole of the parts IMO.
  19. OCST

    Carabao Cup: 2nd round recap, 3rd round preview (Dummy Hoy vs. OCST)

    Not going to list all of the fixtures but it's going on this afternoon. I think that ESPN+ has some games - I know they have Lincoln Imps (7th in League One) hosting Everton, so I'll be pretending to be on conference calls.
  20. OCST

    8/23 - 8/25 gamethread (Week 3): Friday Afternoon Footy

    Get those fantasy picks in by 2:00: this weekend’s action starts with my Toffes visiting Villa Park for the next chapter of the most played fixture in league football history. A win sends Everton to the top of the table, just like yours truly in SoSH FPL SILVERWARE BABY Mrs O and I are...