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  1. jercra

    2018 Golf Thread

    New year, new thread. I'll start it off by noting I'm flying to Portland tomorrow to start my latest adventure to Bandon Dunes. 4 days, 4 rounds (at least). 24 guys total from my old club when I lived in Portland. Going to be epic as always but no Old Mac this year. Seems like a good enough...
  2. jercra

    Denver Golf/Whiskey/Cigar outing 8/5?

    @Dogman2 is visiting Denver next weekend (8/5) and we plan on playing some golf then heading back to my place to put a dent into my bourbon and cigar collections. I know there's a bunch of other Denver area SoSHers but I don't know who's a golfer so I thought I'd throw out an invitation to see...
  3. jercra

    How should I host and build my wife's web site?

    My wife would like a web site for her business and bought the domain last night.  She doesn't really know what she wants to do with it but a basic site with info, pictures and blog posts will suffice at least for now.  I've built lots of sites in my life but much more on the backoffice...