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  1. sunoff

    Tracking Pats Cap Space

    I was multi tasking lol
  2. sunoff

    Might as well start talking about 2021

    His parents live on Cape too.
  3. sunoff

    2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    We're trading out of the first of if theres taker.
  4. sunoff

    What to do with the extra iPhone 8 Verizon sent by mistake

    Idk... I've dealt with serialized electronics before... You won't get in trouble or anything (by any stretch of imagination) but I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually gets questioned. It's on someone's inventory list somewhere. It had to be. They don't just disappear. Well until they do. Then...
  5. sunoff

    JDM is signed-5 years, 110 mil

    Are there any references that say this is true? no biggie, just haven't heard this before.
  6. sunoff

    Goodell’s Extension: Back to the Mail Room?

    This is definitely going to be a fun ride to watch though. You now have several billionaire owners that have a hair across their respective assess (whether that be public or private) . Whoever is dropping the anonymous media "nuclear option" on jerry made me smile. The lifetime insurance bit...
  7. sunoff

    2017 NFL Draft Day 2 - Let's go make some GD picks

    Trying to keep up with what picks they have, while bartending, Is absolutely impossible
  8. sunoff

    Romo Replacing Simms in CBS Booth: Praise All Gods!!!

    Try this again
  9. sunoff

    Sonos vs Bluetooth speakers: help!

    Going on a couple storms now... I give the sonos 1 a major thumbs up.
  10. sunoff

    Sonos vs Bluetooth speakers: help!

    Fyi...the sonos play 1 is water resistant. It's held up fine in my shower for going on two years. I put one outside on my deck a couple weeks ago under an eave. So far so good, with some real snotty weather. I've got them everywhere now, it just kind of happens. For $200 I'll take the gamble...
  11. sunoff

    Setting up a wireless cable signal

    I wouldn't get too complicated. How about running some coax neatly along the floor/wall and covering it up with color appropriate cable hiding thingys...
  12. sunoff

    The Totally Non Official Precursor To The Official Predictions Thread

    full disclosure.... my 90+ vote is really a vote for 88-91
  13. sunoff

    Trophy location/schedule?

    Chatham Bars Inn Orleans. Today. Cape baseball league event.
  14. sunoff

    SoSH Runs Boston AUCTION ITEM *CLOSED* - Original Artwork of David Ortiz: "This is our f*ckin' city!

    I would be in for a print as well. Don't know what Holden or another eventual winner would think of that though.