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  1. brienc

    April 27, 2021 CE someone is playing the Sox...

    I always wondered if the Mets have to pay the San Francisco Giants a fee every time they sell something with their logo on it.
  2. brienc

    4/18- 1:05 PM ET vs. GAME ONE - CHICAGO WHITE SOX: Let's Play Two

    I was hoping that eventually split admission doubleheaders would be what saved us from the seven inning game abomination. I now feel as if I was too optimistic.
  3. brienc

    4/18- 1:05 PM ET vs. GAME ONE - CHICAGO WHITE SOX: Let's Play Two

    A split admission to 7 inning games. 2021 can still fuck off.
  4. brienc

    4/13- 2:10 PM ET @ MIN: Neither snow nor rain...

    I think I slept through the first out too.
  5. brienc

    The Red Sox will be wearing yellow and blue uniforms on Patriots' Day weekend

    You are on quite a roll in this thread. I tip my cap and thank you for the laughs.
  6. brienc

    David Ortiz on the mend: shooting and recovery

    Is there any possible way someone could accidentally attempt to assassinate David freaking Ortiz in the Dominican Republic?
  7. brienc

    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    I have read all the reasons why folks here think this is a bad idea, but it seems that using Eovaldi out of the bullpen is the only possible option if Henry is firm about not going over the top tax threshold. Am I missing something here?
  8. brienc

    Rename the Red Sox AAA Team!

    I opened up this thread thinking WoSox, but ended up agreeing with Ruby Legs after reading through it.
  9. brienc

    Gm 3 - CBJ 4/30

    Milbury sounds like he is ready to trade Pastrnak for some old scrub.
  10. brienc

    Forbes: Sox on the verge of a contract extension with Chris Sale ($35/year)

    This should silence the sky is falling, Sox are going to tank contingent for a few weeks.
  11. brienc

    Red Sox accept White House invitation

    Henry and Werner may want to leave their World Series rings at home when they visit the White House. Trump will be looking to steal a ring like his buddy Putin did to Kraft.
  12. brienc

    Rosenthal: Nathan Eovaldi in agreement with Red Sox

    This thread is all I really wanted for Christmas.
  13. brienc

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    Is anyone else dreading the Yankees swooping in with a last minute 5/100 offer for Eovaldi, or am I just emotionally damaged?
  14. brienc

    2018 Red Sox World Champions Parade thread

    I’m rolling the dice and taking the Amtrak regionial that gets to Back Bay at 11:14am, assuming I’ll be in Copley Square in time for the festivities. I could take an Acela that gets in at 10:08, but the extra hour of sleep and $66 in my pocket sounds appealing.
  15. brienc

    How Deep Into October Do the Sox Have to Go For You to Consider '18 to Have Been a Success?

    Anything short of Duck Boats would be heartbreaking after this season. I would reflect and appreciate the great moments that have filled the last six months eventually, but damn I want Duck Boats. This season has already been a success, but it’s to be determined if it will end up being satisfying.
  16. brienc

    Yawkey Way now Jersey St again

    Absolutely. It was your post that opened the door to me thinking of it.
  17. brienc

    Yawkey Way now Jersey St again

    Doerr Way works in many ways. “WELCOME TO THE DOERR WAY TO FENWAY MAGIC”
  18. brienc

    1/2 - Bruins @ Brooklyn Kombucha Baristas

    If anyone here is at the game, go check out Carla Hall’s outside section 111. You will not be disappointed.
  19. brienc

    December 2017 NHL News Thread

    Not really for me. I’ll miss being able to take a 20 minute subway ride to a game for under $3. But for the franchise and the overall fan base, it’s the best day since the Isles won their last Cup.
  20. brienc

    World Baseball Classic 2017

    Jeffery Maier looks like he's been on a bender for the last decade.