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  1. dirtynine

    Clubs you always root against

    The Brighton forum recently had a thread like this and it made me curious as to folks’ thoughts around here. (If we've done this before, I apologize.) I’ll go: Palace - Brighton's unlikely blood rival. I didn't fully detest them until they poached Glenn Murray (he came back though). Leeds -...
  2. dirtynine

    Covid-19 & the 2019-20 season (or, Can a rabona inspire us?)

    California is clamping down on public gatherings, impacting at least some MLS matches. Spain is playing behind closed doors. So is the Champions League in several places. In Italy, the season is in danger and playoffs might take the place of the normal run-in. In England, well, Liverpool's...
  3. dirtynine

    Your Let's Encrypt SSL cert may need to be re-issued

    If you do web work, give this story a look-over: There is a cert-checking tool here. Most of my domains are ok but two are affected.
  4. dirtynine

    Lets Talk About Drew Magary

    Maybe we should have a Magary thread. I read him and think he’s one of the good guys, but his tropes have definitely gotten old. I don’t know if he’s the progenitor, or just the main torch-bearer, of the Deadspin house style of opinionated writing, but it’s infuriating. I’ll underscore that by...
  5. dirtynine


    I’ll go on record: I think Messi and Argentina get it done this year. The odds go down quickly after the top teams. Who’s the biggest underdog that could realistically win the whole thing? Belgium (12-1)? Colombia or England at 20-1? Maybe more fun - who’s the biggest underdog that could...
  6. dirtynine

    January ‘18 Transfer Window

    Brighton and Celtic were rumored to have come to an agreement for Moussa Dembélé - but it seems like there was less to it than first thought. (Dammit.) What else is happening this January?
  7. dirtynine

    2017-18 Premier League: Welcoming Fatboy and Picard

    The fixture list is out, so it seemed like a good time to kick this off. defending champ Chelsea FC, in a return to predictability after Leicester City's shocking title in the prior campaign. new faces Newcastle United, Brighton & Hove Albion, and Huddersfield Town join the league...
  8. dirtynine

    Craft CMS

    Anyone use it? Looking to use it?  Running away from it? Currently in the middle of a CMS evaluation for a largish institutional site.  Drupal is the defacto choice / known quantity; Craft is the upstart challenger.  Assuming things like implementation cost and in-house expertise are relatively...
  9. dirtynine

    Jogo Bonito: Cup-Related Video, Music, Artwork etc.

    Every four years, the Cup inspires some great film, music and art. Nike and Adidas make mini-movie advertisements chock full of stars; bands release official and unofficial anthems, and artists produce cool things.  To kick this off, here are a few staples this time around:   Video / Commercials...
  10. dirtynine

    World Cup Shirt/Design Project

    I have a Group A post live - feedback always welcome.  Especially from this crew.
  11. dirtynine

    The Championship & Smaller Clubs: '13-'14

    I thought I'd start this off as the lower leagues have kicked off in England.  While Palace sits on its ass waiting for its Premier League beatings to commence, Brighton has already lost its first match and been kicked out of the League Cup by Newport. In fact, since losing to Palace in the...