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  1. bowiac

    Introducing...[Name TBD] - NBA Box Score Projection Project

    As I've alluded to elsewhere, and as I've referenced on Twitter in this thread, I've been working on a project to generate NBA box score projections. This is by orders of magnitude the most significant private NBA project I've worked on. As the season is upon us, I wanted to post here to let...
  2. bowiac

    Draft day musing on Danny Ainge

    My view of Ainge as a GM has nosedived in the last week, but even I don't think he's stubborn enough to let Brown be a holdup in a Porzingis deal.
  3. bowiac

    How good is DeMar DeRozan?

    The Raptors are consistently better with DeRozan off the court: Raw plus/minus is super noisy (which is why we have adjusted plus/minus stats), but this has been true across many seasons now. You will not find this pattern with many top 20-30 players. To compare, Thomas has never had a...
  4. bowiac

    2015-16 Brooklyn Nets (caretakers of the Ben Simmons pick)

    538 posted their preview of the Nets, which is somehow even more pessimistic for their season prospects than I was. They project a 25 win season, which puts them squarely within contention to give the Celtics 25% of the lottery balls.   I'm a bit more optimistic, as I don't expect them to give...
  5. bowiac

    Mapping Software

    Does anyone have any thoughts about some decent mapping software? I'm looking for pretty standard features:   Geocoding addresses to GPS, and vice versa Plotting addresses/GPS coordinates on a map of U.S., on a local/city level and national level. Ability to plot points in various colors...
  6. bowiac

    Gmail blocked at work because of "viruses" - reasonable?

    So I'm a lawyer at a firm that has recently announced they will be blocking Gmail and other webmail effective December 1. The reason given is that "Webmail has become the main vector for introducing viruses into our network."   As the attorneys here work on a billable hour basis, "time theft"...
  7. bowiac

    What Does Week 1 Show Us About Week 2?
  8. bowiac

    Looking Ahead: The Case for Optimism
  9. bowiac

    The Importance of Week One Results
  10. bowiac

    Emmanuel Mudiay and the future of NBA talent

    Source: Emmanuel Mudiay agrees to $1.2 million deal to play in China     Playing overseas for millions instead playing college ball for nothing really seems like a no-brainer. I'm a little surprised this didn't take off after it largely worked out for Brandon Jennings. It didn't work out for...
  11. bowiac

    Surface Pro 3

    Does anyone have any experience with this?   My 2011 MacBook Air is starting to slog a bit, and I'm considering taking a comparatively big leap and trying to use the SP3 as a replacement. Besides standard having 40 Chrome tabs open, my usage mostly consists of many excel workbooks and sometimes...
  12. bowiac

    Celtics trade for Thornton, Zeller and a Pick

    No idea what they've given up here. Cap space?
  13. bowiac

    Assorted Basketball Analytics Musings and Findings

    Ever since I got a real job, I haven't had time to do much work in this field, but I thought a thread where people post/discuss assorted basketball statistics findings/topics would be of interest. The one thing I saw today which caught my eye was this by Jeremias Englemann, the creator of ESPN's...
  14. bowiac

    Tell me what's wrong with this laptop

    Lenovo P400 from the Lenovo Outlet.   I've started doing some more computationally intensive statistical analysis in excel and R and find myself needing a new laptop as result. Mobility isn't a major need (although I don't want something that's going to be huge), and this will usually be hooked...