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  1. k-factory

    5/7 at Chicago

    Man it just doesn’t feel like it. I guess what it is is there is such little ball movement. The whole thing where Stevens emphasizes touch the paint and pass…it’s just not there
  2. k-factory

    5/7 at Chicago

    2 things: When Tatum sucks the rest of the team falls apart. When playing against a big team they just don’t want to get in the paint. So they get one dimensional. And when the shots aren’t falling that dimension sucks.
  3. k-factory

    5/2 vs Portland

    The C’s have turned a corner but this is a really good reality check game for them on playing tighter defense at the 3 pt line
  4. k-factory

    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    So what you’re saying is this team is undefeated when everyone plays. Hope!
  5. k-factory

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    The best armchair psychologist argument for Mac Jones is he’s going to have a chip on his shoulder for sliding down. BB likes players with a chip on their shoulder
  6. k-factory

    4/30 vs Spurs

    Of course. Jeez such a tease of a season. I still believe! As the calendar flips to May this team is going to come together like Voltron just in time for the epic run. But let’s begin that run on the last day of April.
  7. k-factory

    4/30 vs Spurs

    Will this actually be the first game of the season where every player on the roster is available? That would be a significant milestone...
  8. k-factory

    4/27 vs OKC

    I dunno... easy to try to pin it on Brad but jeez this is a shit bench and key players are out. If you want to pin it on anyone it’s the veterans playing with such complacency. Smart, Tristan, Fournier - just terrible
  9. k-factory

    4/19 vs. CHI

    I get the Grant hate but the story of this game other than lazy defense was Tatum 3-17 and 5 turnovers. That’s it. The triple double was meaningless compared to the rest of that line
  10. k-factory

    4/19 vs. CHI

    The best part of that game was hearing Danny’s takes. Much respect. He was not impressed by the effort but a really measured demeanor. Loved his “I did not enjoy this game” to Scal at the end.
  11. k-factory

    4/17 vs. GSW

    It’s tough...someone other than Tatum and Kemba is going to need to make some shots. Can’t fault Marcus. But the lack of that extra wing really hurts
  12. k-factory

    4/17 vs. GSW

    Not sure what is up with Langford. No offensive rhythm lately from him. But if they are to win this game he will need to play a part with his defense. That big wingspan is what’s needed against the Warriors. This kind of quick twitch team makes GW look pretty bad
  13. k-factory

    4/17 vs. GSW

    This is a tough ask - without Jaylen, TL or Fournier to match scoring. But the D is breaking down way too often
  14. k-factory

    4/17 vs. GSW

    Really dumb basketball- not going 1 on 1 in the post on Curry with 2 fouls every trip down. Like 6 dumb possessions in a row
  15. k-factory

    4/13 at POR

    Romeo seems like a better bet to defend Melo
  16. k-factory

    The Poll: Is Wyc burning Brad- Should CBS be torched at season's end?

    This seems harsh to me. For one thing they did grit it out when earlier in the season this was a classic fold the tent game or make a quixotic 4th quarter comeback attempt. So the will is there. For another this team just needs another scorer. Kemba really scuttled the ship there till the end...
  17. k-factory

    March 29 vs. NO

    Whatever else but replacing Jaylen with Fournier’s 32 mins of 0-10 (0-5 from 3) was the difference here. Marcus went 0-6 from 3 and had the bonehead play but he always plays with fire and does enough positive stuff - wasn’t his fault they didn’t call that Adams steamroll foul at a clutch moment.
  18. k-factory

    March 26 at Milwaukee

    Can we lose that Tatum hero ball action at the end of quarters. Never works
  19. k-factory

    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    There were a few outlier games where the correlation is not there but the general point stands. I don’t think the issue is the drives. Drives to the paint are good when they actually happen. Seems like in this slump there have been an inordinate amount of contested or difficult 2’s and that’s a...
  20. k-factory

    3/19 vs. Kings

    There was a moment closing out the the 3Q where the C’s clamped down and looked like a serious basketball team. That was 100% TL making a magnificent impact yet again. Raised the level of intensity for everyone. How does Stevens harness that ?