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  1. Clears Cleaver

    New Euro Super league to be announced Sunday

    Looks like 11 clubs have signed up for a Super League that would undermine UEFA Champions League play. Premise would be for 20 teams to play, with 16 clubs every year and 4 making it based on league performance. so far these clubs have signed up Liverpool Manchester United Manchester City...
  2. Clears Cleaver

    AMZN bid to buy Fox regionals sports nets - and YES? AMZN is bidding for 22 regional sports networks...and also joining up with Yankees and Blackstone to buy back portion of YES that was sold off to Fox. could be nothing could be...
  3. Clears Cleaver

    Pats close to trading for 49ers OT Trent Brown

    doesn't say for what or whom
  4. Clears Cleaver

    Rafinha v D Costa in Hamden, CT June 20th

    In case anyone is in the area and wants to see some high skilled soccer, Rafinha's Friends are playing Diego Costa's Friends in a charity game at Hamden High School on June 20th. $20 per ticket. Lots of local pros and others will be present. Autographs, etc I think you can get tickets at...
  5. Clears Cleaver

    Horford to Boston!

    Serious question: Does Al Horford alone make the C's better? or maybe I should ask "good enough to matter?"
  6. Clears Cleaver

    Would you...

    Trade Brad Stevens and a first round pick (nets or another one depending if Nets is in top 2) to Indiana for Paul George?
  7. Clears Cleaver

    Francisco Cordero in camp

    Several beat guys saying Ex-Reds closer Cordero has a spring training invite and is expected in camp tomorrow. Not sure how this impacts their interest in Madsen.
  8. Clears Cleaver

    Not That Tricky: Bill Barnwell's NFLisming

    i am happy to know i am not the only one who fails to find value in Barnwell's analysis. I also understand why his year in Vegas was a total disaster
  9. Clears Cleaver

    Allen Webster

    Pitched two innings today vs the Blue Jays. Gave up a run but struck out Bautista, arencibia, encarnacion and lawrie, each swinging and twice hit 99mph on the stadium gun. Should be fun watching this kid pitch this year. With de la rosa being limited to 100ip, Webster may be the call up spot...
  10. Clears Cleaver

    UConn football 2012

    Year two of Coach Blue. It doesn't look like there is much chance of being asked to join the ACC or Big10 anytime soon. ITs the last year of playing Pitt and Syracuse and a year away from playing Boise, SMU, Houston, etc. Can you feel the excitement? So far they've only sold 19,000 season tix...